Implementing Alfresco on AWS

Achieve High Availability with Security by Implementing Alfresco on AWS

Simplified business processes have become pivotal in any organization with flexible management and efficient handling of documents. It is possible to achieve and accomplish mission-critical activities these days by ensuring High Availability with the leveraging of Amazon Web Services resulting in increased business productivity.

Maintain Document Security with Cloud Enablement

Modern businesses maintain a lot of content in the form of documents, files, folders, and more. However, a lot of challenges are faced while moving them from one location to another, besides others like archiving and retrieving. With a combinatorial solution like Alfresco (for enterprise content management) and AWS (for cloud storage), it is possible to ensure that the desired results are obtained on a strategic basis.

Implementations in:


Pharmaceutical companies and medical firms require the implementation of Alfresco in order to maintain patients’ data securely. The entire approach of managing businesses with the inclusion of the latest features from a healthcare perspective has been changed completely after the introduction of Alfresco document management solutions on top of cloud computing solutions.


Enabling end-to-end customer experience in a customer-centric domain like Banking and Finance is important. Taashee empowers BFSI organizations with a modern approach to managing content resulting in the innovative implementation of mission-critical solutions as per the requirement, which would eventually lead to digital transformation.


Apart from the corporate perspective, the implementation of Alfresco solutions is very much frequent in the government sector as well. More specifically, it is the Public Sector Unions (PSUs) that are known to benefit immensely from the consideration of such advanced solutions resulting in increased business productivity.

Taashee ensures that organizations relying upon Alfresco on AWS would be able to manage their documents safely and scalably. For any of your document management requirements, please feel free to reach us at

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