Alfresco introduces New Features in Information Governance through its Digital Business Platform

Alfresco Software has revived the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) sector significantly in recent times through innovative features that are even more powerful than before. For instance, it has released a newer version of the Information Governance feature in its quest to revamp its Digital Business Platform. Perhaps, it enables users to discover, manage and hold records with a more sophisticated approach irrespective of their location. It is because of these content management capabilities at a granular level that enabled Alfresco Software won numerous appreciations and awards. The latest one to be added to its crown is the 2019 Aragon Research Innovation Award – which is given to an organization based upon the core innovation of their product.

New updates with respect to data practices might prove costly for companies if the data privacy standards are not met; be it GDPR in Europe or any other regulation. There are other features that have been updated as well like Desktop Sync, a desktop tool to synchronize content with the Alfresco repository. According to Alfresco’s information governance expert, Tara Combs, such capabilities are aimed at enhancing content security and ensuring customers avoid any fines imposed by regulatory bodies. Extending such features to a further extent, Alfresco Software has enabled its users to perform actions such as searching and managing content by syncing between Alfresco and other repositories such as Dropbox, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Data Governance has influenced organizations across the world in the way in which they secure the privacy of their client’s information. The increased dependency upon modern data centers to store information in clouds (especially public clouds) is a cause of great concern. Though the assurance levels have been soaring by major players in the industry like AWS, Azure and GCP, there are chaotic situations elsewhere. The most prominent one data governance is highly affected because of the recent amendments made in this regard. Summarizing all the events in a single go, all those companies not adhering to the latest standards would be heavily penalized.

Global Data Governance Software’s report conveys the same and it adds value because of the fact that Informatica and SAP are a few of the influencers. Robust business-based decisions have to be taken to uproot the causes of data breaches. Besides large enterprises, there are SMEs that are rapidly looking forward to moving their data from on-premises to the cloud. Given the vast reach of SAP (for instance, the SUSE Linux platform for IT infrastructure management), the report bears a huge significance enabling other key players to follow suit. Data Governance Software Market Research signals the significance of Alfresco Software, which is crucial for enterprises regarding the importance given to data compliance and data privacy.

Contrive Datum Insights’ report related to document management worldwide holds Alfresco in high esteem. By involving SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, the actual situation of companies has been brought to the fore. Such vulnerabilities of organizations could be put to check effectively with Alfresco, which can be easily customized by integrating with other technologies such as AWS, Crafter Software, and more to provide cost-effective solutions.

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