All About PostgreSQL Updates with an Overview on Database Service Providers

PostgreSQL is capacitated to handle several workloads; be it individual nodes or data warehouses. Regarded as the world’s most advanced open-source database, Postgres has become the preferred service provider. So, what makes it the most sought-after one even though there are others available over the years like MySQL, MS SQL or MongoDB?

YouTube: Learn PostgreSQL Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners

In the above video, Amigoscode takes enthusiastic database administrators through the basic concepts of Postgres in detail. A few of the topics covered are Installation (Mac OS and Windows), Creation of tables, Comparisons, Relationships and more.

Postgres supports Database as a Service (DBaaS) for handling mission-critical workloads. The leading cloud providers are lenient towards the open source database by forming a unique range of services as mentioned below.

  • Microsoft: Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • AWS: Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
  • Google: Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

The versatility with which the database model could be employed by the leading organizations across the world irrespective of their domains is clearly displayed above.

Top Enterprise Class PostgreSQL Service Providers for Effective Database Management

Ashinak: It is a Southeast consultancy for open source solutions with its presence strongly felt in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand besides India. Empowering organizations with Digital Transformation is high on the company’s agenda. Its focus areas include Platform as a Service (PaaS), Database Management, Containers, Microservices, Analytics, DevOps, Cloud and more.

Click on the above link for a complete overview of Docker image creation. Prempal Singh is the Docker Presales Consultant at Ashnik who walks through the process. All the developers working on the concept of CI/CD are set to experience a huge difference in the process.

2ndQuadrant: It is a dedicated PostgreSQL services provider for enterprises. Recently, the company has become the First Kubernetes Service Provider for PostgreSQL, which is no mean feat. The company focuses on a holistic set of database services such as Database Monitoring, Health Checks, Performance Tuning and more.

Some of its USPs are listed below.

  • 24/7 Service
  • World-renowned experts
  • 15-minute response time
  • 24-hour bug fixing

PostgreSQL service providers are set to play a pivotal role in 2020 as the year has already been regarded as a glorious one for Global RDBMS Software Market. Considering the fact that Performance Monitoring is the focus area for 2020, major steps are already being taken in this regard with the inclusion of Enhanced Performance and Space Utilisation in version 12.

Taashee Linux Services is an EDB Postgres Certified Training Partner & Distributor offering a gamut of services right from Consulting to Implementation. The firm maintains a team of dedicated Postgres implementation engineers and certified Postgres trainers. Taashee has earned distinction with the completion of projects for reputed companies traversing domains like BFSI and Healthcare.

Taashee PostgreSQL Center of Excellence (CoE)

Taashee Linux Services serves as a one-stop solution for all requirements related to Postgres. Every organization with a PostgreSQL instance partnered with Taashee would be covered as part of the CoE. Some of the services offered are listed below.

  • High Availability (HA)
  • Database Health Checks
  • Database Clustering
  • Connection Pooling
  • Tuning & Optimization
  • Training Sessions and Workshops

At Taashee, a dedicated team is maintained for Postgres that plays a key role in Application Design and System Design as it would be helpful for customers in planning their Database Architecture.

Another unique benefit for customers approaching Taashee is that they would be covered under the recently-introduced Taashee Integrated Response System (TIRS), a value-based service for customers looking forward to an extreme level of service.

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