All New Veeam Availability Suite V10 for Better and Faster Backups

V10 – The latest Veeam Availability Suite is getting launched today. So, what difference could it make for the customers? Especially, what additional features are offered to the prospects looking for an efficient backup. Powerful NAS Backup is the quintessential feature included in Veeam V10 that ensures increased data protection even if massive file data needs to be handled. The leader in cloud data management simplifies NAS backups with an effective protection suite in V10 for hybrid clouds. Ever since the advanced suite was first discussed during the Veeam Vanguard Summit for flexible data protection and scalable SMB/NFS backups, it has evoked interest among customers.

Multi-VM Instant Recovery is another vital feature aimed to accelerate the process of Disaster Recovery because of the instant restores a massive way. The process of reinventing VM recovery instantly has not been easy but it has been made possible eventually with cloud tiering for the next generation. Of all the features, the Enhanced 1-Click Restore feature is a blessing in disguise for customers with production setups in a mission-critical environment. Stressing upon the diversity brought in by V10, Veeam CTO Danny Allan maintains that V10 is the biggest next-generation Instant Recovery engine that is only poised to achieve better results.

Veeam V10 delivers the best when it comes to protection from harmful malware as it offers 100% ransomware-proof backups as assured. V10 is synced with Amazon S3 Object Lock to obtain integrated ransomware protection through its immutability feature. Realizing the data is safe at every juncture is necessary in today’s technology-driven world. With immutable backups in place, it is possible to experience the best from V10 in the coming days while making backups better and faster with a stronger and smarter suite.

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