Application Management Solutions for Enhanced Overall Productivity

Taashee Linux Services pioneers the concept of application management with an extensive approach by managing numerous aspects for the client. Building an application requires following a set of stages, which are part of the Application Management Life Cycle. We maintain a dedicated team of application developers, consultants and coders who are known to implement the best practices of application management to perfection. During the initial stages of application management, we interact with the clients in-depth to understand their requirements and come up with a comprehensive architecture that serves as the blueprint for the rest of the project. Our team of application consultants work closely with clients on one hand and with our application development team on the other to ensure that the desired results are obtained.

Our team specializes in multi-project management for clients through the latest APM tools. Having been in the industry for over a decade now, we understand all the nuances of managing applications as per situational needs. Additionally, we consider the aspect of testing applications as an intrinsic part of the management grid. Irrespective of the application management tools we consider for business needs, there are several aspects we focus upon in addition to our core activities such as Quality Assurance and Performance Management. More specifically, the aspect of Application Performance Monitoring has reached a new high with more and more organizations focusing more on the quality aspects. Deciding upon whether to move to the ideal cloud platform such as AWS, Azure or GCP is something that we offer to our clients.

The process of managing applications involves additional aspects such as Configuration Management apart from Automation and Testing. We offer all our services aimed exclusively at application management without leading towards underperformance during any stage. With the focus on improving the performance of applications on a regular basis, we suggest our clients consider our robust support management system known as Taashee Insta Response System (TIRS) through which we are able to resolve the client issues in the stipulated time frame.

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