Application Management – The Crux to Successful Delivery of Solutions

Application Management – The Crux to Successful Delivery of Solutions

Managing modern applications requires a wide nexus of feature management with a holistic approach of technology integration. Any application would be able to perform at its best when coordinated well with all the internal processes. Perhaps, all this requires a timely complementation of key services among themselves.

Data Control

In-time access to a specific file or folder needs complete control upon the data. Mapping with Alfresco will help you in having unlimited access to your critical data as and when needed. Migrate it to the cloud during the next level be it AWS, Azure of GCP as per your business continuity plans.

Application Monitoring

Would you like to ensure consistent performance of your application? Irrespective upon the platform it has been hosted, it is possible to enhance key applications in terms of their productivity, scalability and consistency. Proper management of infrastructure and setting up timely alerts for your application will be some of the vital actions to be taken.

Data Analytics

Mapping your organizational data with the ones trending in the marketplace requires a different approach. At Taashee, we have seasoned data scientists available with us who are capable of introducing innovative concepts of analytics. Understanding what’s hot in the market and what’s not with respect to the current technologies is possible once you map your data to an analytics tool.

Key Steps to Application Orchestration for Consistent Performance

Not all applications are alike. As we have cloud-native applications at one end, there are legacy ones on the other. Though every suite has got their priorities, it is the end-user requirement making a huge difference in the end.

1. Determine what makes an application valuable

Applications deliver a lot of value on the transactional end. By understanding what is required and what is produced, it is possible to bring the much-needed change for the users eventually.

2. Identify potential roadblocks while accessing applications

Often, some applications might create a wide gap when it comes to their performance and doesn’t reflect their performance in actuality. Taashee’s ITDevOps team is capable in expelling roadblocks, which results in the smooth functioning of the application like  never before.

3. Integrate applications for process automation

Better performance could be obtained with application integration involving two or more of them. Crucial processes taking more time could be automated because of this. Also, it is possible to achieve real-time data synchronization. Developers often resort to orchestration APIs allowing them to save more time and money.

4. Container Orchestration for applications on Microservices

Flexible management of containers by automating, deploying, scaling and managing will avoid cumbersome processes like provisioning and managing servers. AWS Fargate offers extended ease with no requirement of paying upfront in this regard.

5. Manage your applications with 100% control and consistency

Orchestrating applications requires a lot of planning and architecture during the development stages. However, there are several benefits obtained later such as exercising complete supremacy upon the applications in terms of performance and management. Those organizations where consistency matters without downtime, container orchestration plays a prominent role.

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