Application Modernization: Roadmap for Progressive Business Results

Managing applications for modernization has become a major hindrance for organizations as far as their progress is considered in the competitive marketplace, of late. One of the reasons is that every application has to be maintained upon multiple platforms such as web, cloud and mobile. Understanding the basic differences among such platforms will determine the extent to which an application performs. The reasons for the modernization of applications are many of which the major ones are increased competitors’ impact, incorporating latest features, and better quality provisioning. Taashee Linux Services is one of the premium application transformation service providers in the market with a pan-India presence. As we have the experience of managing applications in contrast that are mission-critical in nature, we ensure that robust performance is achieved from them.

Cloud application modernization is another step taken forward to realize enhanced business productivity at enterprise level. Taashee’s Application Development team ensures that the customers’ goals are met with the provision of a plethora of services, right from consultation to support. The process of migrating applications from on-prem to cloud through virtual machines is a crucial segment. We, at Taashee, coordinate with our cloud engineers and DevOps team in order to ensure that the entire modernization process is a smoother flow overall. For instance, our team requests basic details such as cloud solutions providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and more. The process of modernizing an application doesn’t mean the database or dashboard alone is taken care of.

Taashee Linux Services considers numerous aspects such as platform independence, end-to-end security and several such features available. The consideration of Container Orchestration feature along with Kubernetes ensures that the modernized applications perform par above the current standards. We have successfully implemented application modernization solutions for many companies in the past, which has revived the entire performance levels of the organization to the core. At Taashee, our team makes use of modern technology stacks and integrates based upon the necessity to ensure that the developed applications are robust in nature, flexible for update, and more. 

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