Application Modernization to Deliver Optimized Business Value

Application modernization has metamorphosed from being one of the vital segments of any organization into the essential part of the digital transformation process. Modernizing your application doesn’t mean giving a new look to it, but also propelling it in every way; be it performance, quality, reliability or speed. Taashee Linux Services maintains a dedicated team of solution architects who offer valuable insights regarding the improvements to be made to your current application/s. Our application modernization services are exemplary because we take the legacy applications to the cloud by hosting them on the most reliable platforms. Even if it is a matter of application consolidation to reflect your current business requirements, our application consulting team provides you with the best results.

Taashee’s Application Transformation team helps businesses in unleashing the business potential to the fullest. It will result in providing optimum user experience and generate maximum value for your business. Faster go-to market cycles too would be realized during the process. Our enterprise open source solutions provide you the right means to make the most of our applications without compromising with the quality. At the same time, our data-centric approach ensures increased security for your applications besides enabling backup, analytics, monitoring, visualization and more. As a multitude of services are made available under one umbrella with Taashee, more customers would get an edge with advanced features like Deep Learning, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Modernizing IT applications requires meticulous planning and improvised architecture. With years of deep skills intricately woven around application development and support, Taashee introduces organizations to a new approach. With Taashee being one of the best implementation partners for enterprises looking for containerized applications, we continue to bring increased agility through our Red Hat OpenShift implementations. During the process, we overcome numerous challenges posed by monolithic applications and explore newer business opportunities securely with cloud-native applications.

Taashee Linux Services is a Premier Business Partner for Red Hat and offers a complete suite of Red Hat solutions through OpenShift, Ansible and more empowering modern applications. For more information, write to us:

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