Bridging Analytics and IT Red Hat’s journey with Tableau

An insight into how Taashee’s partner, Tableau, revolutionized the business dynamics of the world’s largest open source solutions provider


Red Hat is the leading provider of open-source solutions, using a community-based approach to provide
high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. They help customers integrate
new and existing IT applications, develop cloud-native apps, standardize leading operating systems, and automate, secure, and manage complex environments. However, they had a hard time getting a clear picture of their data and making key business decisions due to using multiple disconnected business intelligence tools. They needed a platform that could connect data from multiple sources, ensure fast performance, and enable cloud-based collaboration. So, they replaced several other BI tools with Tableau Cloud and Tableau Blueprint. This focus on community and proficiency helped Red Hat go from 50 to over 4,500 Tableau users in just one year, exceeding their adoption expectations. By consolidating tools, their team is now better equipped to make quick, informed decisions that improve performance and results. They continue to expand training and engagement opportunities, led by a new role called the Tableau Enablement Lead, part of the Enterprise Data and Analytics team, and Tableau advocates who share best practices within the Red Hat Tableau community.

Challenges and solutions with Tableau

Tableau Blueprint creates data-driven processes

When Red Hat switched to Tableau, they used Tableau Blueprint to guide their implementation process. Blueprint showed them how Tableau handles governance in a way that allows for fast performance, and helped Red Hat’s analytics leadership establish clear guidelines and procedures for governance, skill development, teamwork, and more.

Nurturing a community of data-enabled decision-makers

Red Hat’s first step in adopting Tableau was to create a strategy and team structure. This involved a new
organizational model that aligned resources with business areas and outlined their data strategy. By spreading data leaders across different business units, Red Hat could deploy a company-wide solution while also promoting a data-focused culture.
Their focus on collaboration has now evolved into a focus on building a strong internal community. They have
Project Owners, who are cross-functional advocates for Tableau adoption and promote consistency in enterprise processes and business reporting. They also lead internal chat channels and local meetups for people to discuss visualizations and provide feedback. The Tableau Enablement Lead works to expand the Red Hat community by finding data enthusiasts to lead events, provide training and act as an “on call” consultant. These efforts have led to more than 4,500 Tableau users, both practitioners and leaders, using data to make decisions. A broader self-service model and emphasis on empowering the community is expected to promote consistency and build trust in the information shared and consumed.

Saving cost and time with increasing Tableau adoption

Red Hat had a diverse set of data sources, with over 60 different platforms like Google Sheets, Excel and other operations platforms, which made it difficult to access important information. As they were migrating their workloads to the cloud, they needed a robust analytics platform that all employees could use, and one that required minimal server maintenance or monitoring. The Enterprise Data and Analytics team wanted to reduce the need for an on-premise deployment because of the staffing, time, and financial resources. Tableau Cloud, being a fully hosted solution, required no server configuration, which meant they didn’t have to manage upgrades and could easily add users as they grew. The ability to share dashboards on Tableau Cloud led to organic analytics growth and a threefold increase in the number of users. With data readily available to employees, Red Hat has been able to improve their processes, operations, staffing, and customer service.

Data literacy programs to increase proficiency

Red Hat is working to change the way leaders, managers, and employees approach data by implementing
programs to promote data literacy. The program includes product training, a specialized curriculum, and
enablement activities to develop skills like critical thinking and basic data knowledge. They even have a track
specifically for data champions, who are responsible for changing mindsets and promoting data-informed
decision making. The program is aimed at shaping the way people at all levels, functions, and locations
approach data.
The Tableau use is closely monitored by the Enablement Lead and the Enterprise Data and Analytics team.
They use data on dashboard usage from different business units and regions to plan when and how training
and community activities are offered, ensuring they meet user needs. This data also helps spark conversations around data insights and observations.

Red Hat leadership endorses Tableau-based reporting

To reduce the time and resources spent on manually creating executive reports, the Enterprise Data and
Analytics team developed key performance dashboards in Tableau to improve performance visibility. They
worked closely with business leaders from all functional areas to ensure that the data included was meaningful and reported accurately. They also held personalized workshops with C-suite executives to understand their data dependencies and used that information to inform the design and content of the dashboards. After the Executive Dashboards were released, they saw leaders accessing them multiple times a week, and there was an increase in trust in the data. This led to more frequent use of data in meetings and individual work.

Thus, Tableau provided a way for Red Hat’s data and analytics professionals to collaborate more effectively,
and Red Hat expects that this will help their business achieve newer heights.

About Taashee

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