Bright HPC implements Cluster Management in Organizations for Consistency

Moving your HPC to the cloud requires you to maintain the accuracy and efficiency levels intact. Bright HPC is one of the top cloud computing service providers available offering advanced features included with flexible system management. For instance, the implementation of cluster management at the University of Siegen through Bright HPC has proved to be so beneficial for them that the usage has doubled. More specifically, the year 2018 has been a defining one for the HPC industry to say the least. As per the latest report published in Hyperion Research, Bright HPC has achieved a consistent growth rate of 15% so far.

Bright Computing offers advanced features such as enterprise cloud integration and customizable dashboards in its latest 9.0 version. During the Super Computing 19 (SC 19) event, the enhanced version of Bright Cluster Manager was introduced having been available for HPC besides OpenStack and Data Science. Managing clusters besides building and deploying them would get simplified as they are available over the cloud. The biggest advantage obtained in this regard is the exploration of premium data management capabilities integrated with the cloud. Larger jobs would be accomplished effectively and with ease because of this new-found enhancement.

Sophisticated changes are made to the cluster ecosystem as well with the availability of multiple CPU architectures. It enhances performance levels and decreases the time taken for customized deployments. With each cluster equipped with the power of multiple CPUs through a unique architectural approach, the power of computing would be manifold. Meanwhile, the auto-scaling concept introduced for hybrid cloud implementations is aimed at resource optimization in a dynamic fashion. Though it is not possible to achieve complete control of the entire production environment, it will definitely result in significant changes in the way the tasks are accomplished.

Another unique feature of Bright Cluster Manager software is that it allows access to complete resource utilization within a container platform like Kubernetes. As the availability of Bright View to monitor clusters has been made readily available already, the aspect of managing multiple clusters has been made even easier with customizable dashboards for them. Apart from these features, Bright Computing keeps appending its suite of solutions as per the latest requirements of its clients. One specific feature is the support offered to OpenStack Stein, which is highly effective when it comes to VM scheduling with respect to bandwidth.

HPC workload managers are capable of managing multiple activities starting from accounting and reporting workloads. Moreover, the feature has been extended to multiple instances making the utilization of resources even more significant. The result is granular availability of resources specific to users, projects and applications. Bright Computing is all set to play a key role in the coming years with deep learning being at a pivotal stage in the global market. The University of North Dakota is one of the pioneers to implement the clustered infrastructure from Bright HPC in its environment. Such developments are making faster inroads into other domains as well in terms of computing and storage.

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