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JBoss EAP 7.x performance optimization tips
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6 Best Practices for Optimizing JBoss EAP 7.x Performance

The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) is a reliable and stable Java EE-based application server runtime platform from Red Hat. It is subscription-based/open-source, and usable on any operating system that supports Java. JBoss EAP is part of Red Hat’s Enterprise Middleware portfolio and is perfect for building, deploying, and hosting highly-transactional Java applications and services. The latest stable versions are JBoss EAP 7.x and here are the top 6…

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How To Efficiently Access Your Remote Desktop Applications using NICE DCV

NICE DCV is a powerful high-end remote desktop protocol that allows users to securely connect to graphics-intensive 3D or 2D applications hosted on local or remote 3D viewing servers or server clusters locally or in the cloud.  It can run in a data center or in the public cloud, providing secure remote virtual desktops and application streaming from anywhere to any device without requiring significant bandwidth between the client and…

Microsoft SharePoint vs Alfresco
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Tired of SharePoint? Here’s a Powerful Alternative You Should Consider

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market has evolved continuously over the last two and a half decades to a point where many vendors have similar features. This makes differentiating between ECM vendors quite difficult for decision-makers due to their similar current capabilities. SharePoint and Alfresco approach ECM from different directions. SharePoint was introduced in 2001 as a web application platform in the Microsoft Office Server Suite to address a number…

alfresco on nas
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NAS storage integration with Alfresco Community 7.2 and learn how to resolve Access Permission issues

If you are a tech enthusiast or an organization looking for a content management solution with the ability to self-support, you have in all probabilities, heard about Alfresco’s Content Services (ACS) community edition. The Community Edition is an open-source software which is widely adopted throughout the industry for community-driven development and contributions as well as for researching new features. The highlights include stable releases distributed by Alfresco engineering, nightly builds…

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Achieve High Availability with Security by Implementing Alfresco on AWS

Simplified business processes have become pivotal in any organization with flexible management and efficient handling of documents. It is possible to achieve and accomplish mission-critical activities these days by ensuring High Availability with the leveraging of Amazon Web Services resulting in increased business productivity. Maintain Document Security with Cloud Enablement Modern businesses maintain a lot of content in the form of documents, files, folders, and more. However, a lot of…

Alfresco Process Services
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Alfresco Process Services (APS) | Power up your business with Alfresco’s BPM solution

Alfresco Process Services (APS) is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) suite that caters to businesses as well as developers. At its core, APS boasts of a high-performance open-source business process engine, which is based on Activiti and possesses the flexibility and scalability to efficiently handle a large number of critical business processes. Alfresco Process Services seamlessly integrates a powerful suite of end-user tools with a wide variety of enterprise…