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on-premise vs cloud
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On-Premise or Cloud Storage? The way forward for educational institutions

A vast majority of educational institutions across the world have started, on some level or the other, to electronically store data regarding student demographics, attendance, grading, examination scores, and additional administrative information. These institutions generally store data either on-premise or in the cloud. But which one is better? How can you keep this data safe? And what are the guidelines to follow when choosing a vendor? We will answer all…

OpenShift Upgradation
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10 reasons why you must upgrade your OpenShift 3.x to 4.x

OpenShift 3.x has been around for a long while and it does pretty much everything you need to run your applications. But if you are still using it today, there is a good chance that some of the advanced features released in later versions are not available to you. OpenShift Container Platform 3.x is no longer supported as of May 31, 2020, and OpenShift Container Platform 4.x will be the…

cloud strategy
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5 Secret Strategies to Improve Cloud Efficiency That Nobody Ever Told You!

Years of losing valuable proprietary data to freak crashes and lack of remote access in their erstwhile standalone on-premise storage infrastructure have encouraged widespread adoption of the cloud among both large and small enterprises. But the cloud is still an evolving technology and cloud expertise does not come cheap. So, even though most organizations have migrated or are migrating to the cloud, they still have little idea about how to…

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Achieve High Availability with Security by Implementing Alfresco on AWS

Simplified business processes have become pivotal in any organization with flexible management and efficient handling of documents. It is possible to achieve and accomplish mission-critical activities these days by ensuring High Availability with the leveraging of Amazon Web Services resulting in increased business productivity. Maintain Document Security with Cloud Enablement Modern businesses maintain a lot of content in the form of documents, files, folders, and more. However, a lot of…

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Taashee Linux Services wins Certificate of Appreciation from AWS

Taashee Linux Services has been rewarded with a Certificate of Appreciation by AWS for providing premium Application Management and Data Migration services. Taashee Linux Services Private Limited (CMMI-SVC v1.3 Maturity Level 3 Appraised and ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 Certified) has won a Certificate of Appreciation from AWS during a glittering ceremony held online on October 12, 2020. Ever since Taashee has been offering mission-critical Amazon Web Services to its…

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Red Hat now offers its latest suite of cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure

Red Hat on Azure is the one of the valuable technology integrations in recent times. Delivering Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) solutions has become easier for Taashee Linux Services, a Red Hat Premier Business Partner, to all our customers who use Azure as their cloud solutions provider. This evades the popular notion that Microsoft Azure is for Windows platforms and other Linux flavors but not for Red Hat with robust…