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Alfresco Process Services
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Alfresco Process Services (APS) | Power up your business with Alfresco’s BPM solution

Alfresco Process Services (APS) is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) suite that caters to businesses as well as developers. At its core, APS boasts of a high-performance open-source business process engine, which is based on Activiti and possesses the flexibility and scalability to efficiently handle a large number of critical business processes. Alfresco Process Services seamlessly integrates a powerful suite of end-user tools with a wide variety of enterprise…

Alfresco Content Management Services
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Alfresco Content Services | The most feature-heavy ECM in business

Alfresco Content Services (ACS) is the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system your organization should be eyeing if it prioritizes its content and wants to switch to a highly scalable, performance driven, and compliance-friendly model that provides 24×7 enterprise-grade support for all business-critical content. ACS is basically built around a repository with a support server that aggregates all kinds of metadata, text indices, associations, and other related content. Primary capabilities of…

Alfresco Software and Services
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Move over paper! Alfresco has arrived

Going paperless has been one of the major thrusts behind most companies’ interest in digital transformation. Paper in all its forms is not only detrimental to the environment, it takes up physical storage space, is susceptible to damage, is hard to keep track of, and is easily stolen or replicated. The problem is, content is here to stay. So, today’s workplaces need a content management solution that is user-friendly, scalable,…

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Taashee Linux Services partners with SingleStore to offer comprehensive Data Management solutions on a Single Platform to all its customers

Bringing innovations to the fore through data has taken numerous twists and turns in the recent past. Organizations that embrace changes quickly and make inroads into the customers’ mainstream business segments are the ones that are known to achieve digital transformation leading towards the path of success in the long run. Taashee Linux Services makes earnest attempts always in order to ensure that the customers’ digital assets are governed to…

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Taashee to participate in PGconf 2018 – The Road Ahead

Taashee Linux Services is the Gold Sponsor for PGconf 2018 to be held between 21st and 23rd February, 2018. Growing the PostgreSQL community is the intention behind organizing this three-day event at Park Plaza in Bengaluru. Taashee will provide its valuable contributions by actively participating in the events and discussions besides disseminating information through presentations and seminars. The participants will gain knowledge about: Software Installation and Performance Tuning using PostgreSQL…

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Taashee wins Best Rising Star Partner Award from Veeam

Taashee has been declared as 2015 Best Rising Star Partner Award winner for its outstanding contribution to Veeam Software. The Hyderabad-based firm has secured this award for implementing the new Veeam Availability suite across organizations. Most of such organizations are in need of Data Center solutions due to which they have benefited immensely by the services provided by Taashee. Realizing the concept of Always-On with Taashee has been possible with…