Cloud Computing Strategies: How Remote Working Culture is Influencing Modern Workforces

Cloud computing applications have hogged the limelight in recent times like never before. Be it COVID-19 or the changing global economic scenario, the workforce across the world is made to rely more upon hybrid solutions when serving clients. The most influential sectors have been BFSI and Healthcare. With the increasing number of applications, numerous issues arise such as stability, reliability and flexibility. The need of the hour is those applications that can be accessed from Anywhere, Anytime and with Any Device. Perhaps, this is the reason why Software as a Service (SaaS) applications too has garnered a lot of importance. The highly rampant situation reflects the latest Thales Europe report as well.


Multi-cloud environments have been introduced in recent times to offer the best of many a world. It means that a combination of services could be obtained simultaneously from major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Google, Amazon or Microsoft. In fact, it opens up the world for many other emerging players in the cloud market like IBM and Salesforce. Data security is one aspect that should not be compromised during the process. Encrypting data is a big saviour as it has been proved that European companies that followed data encryption policies have been able to experience no data breach issues. Meanwhile, there are certain businesses that have exposed their helplessness in the form of limiting their staff or curtailing their budget for securing data.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certifications, for instance, help organizations deal with such issues. Cloud professionals who get certified in the latest courses introduced by AWS such as Cloud Administration will be able to address data security issues with ease. It is because of the fact that their skills would be validated against predominant threats like Ransomware. All these updates will help companies in improving their network infrastructure drastically. Perhaps, this is going to be a game changer for the cloud marketplace in 2020. However, the case of concern is that the organizations claiming to offer the best cloud computing services are unable to cash in the current requirements in the industry.


Healthcare cloud services will experience a sea change in the progress rate with the Medical and Pharma segments set to give high priority to such services. The reasons could be any right from the ease of data management or costs incurred in data storage. As for the current trend of the global workforce preferring remote mode to carry out their operations, cloud computing prospects are known to expand further. Meanwhile, the onus will be upon the companies to provide the best solutions to their clients whenever needed the most. One of the dynamic ways to deal with the situation is to ensure a combination of cloud services with mainstream technologies.


Content management on the cloud has been in the reckoning in the recent past. It is necessary to offer a diverse range of services as per the client’s requirements. The situation is no different when it comes to cloud backups and database management as well. Some of the ideal combinations that will work for sure in this regard are Alfresco on AWS, PostgreSQL on AWS and VMware on AWS. The most noticeable fact is that the OEMs are coming together by joining hands with their competitors in order to offer interesting solutions.

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