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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions have never been the same with numerous open source as well as proprietary technologies leading them through red carpet for value-added business services. New-age ECM features included in Alfresco Software allows patients to be more responsive and highly concerned about the treatment being offered to them. The classic case of George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust deserves an exclusive mention because of the faster accomplishment of Patient Referral Programs in a successful manner. The biggest advantage for healthcare units is that Alfresco digitizes all their paperwork such as paper forms submitted patient referrals.

Digital Business Platform from Alfresco is the key behind the maintenance of paperless health records saving more time and money for hospitals. In addition to the implementation of ECM in the healthcare sector, it is possible to achieve 100% business growth with the availability of Risk Management Solutions besides intuitive Claims Handling. Modern enterprises looking forward to offer better services by channeling the services of insurance companies to customers over a robust cloud platform are known to benefit a lot in this regard. Alfresco plays a definitive role by making applications increasingly accessible by moving them to the cloud.

Insurance companies are all set to benefit with the design and architecture of a comprehensive framework aimed at improving the quality of cloud-native content management solutions and implementing them across all the distributed ecosystems. By empowering such solutions with value-added features like Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, clients are able to experience enhanced revenue generation streams. The concept of CMS has been taken to an entirely different level with the launch of new and innovative features in 2019. For instance, Alfresco Cloud now brings Digital Business Platform to enterprises for better Cloud Deployment solutions.

Brightening up the opportunistic fortunes of customers is possible with Alfresco Cloud because of the varied features it has in its array. The consideration of Content as a Service will be helpful in organizing huge piles of data organized in the form of files and folders in a haphazard manner. Similarly, the inclusion of Governance as a Service will enable customers in ensuring that their content is highly authenticated and shared among approved contacts only. The real beauty of Alfresco Software is exposed when considering Process as a Service wherein any number of processes could be included in an activity and customized as per the requirement.

With the increased focus of organizations upon newer concepts like AI as a Service, it is possible for enterprises in offering uncompromising services to their clients with quality. The role played by Alfresco in making intelligent use of all such updates and features will prove to be deterministic for the consistent growth of organizations in future. Considering the fact that Alfresco Software has acquired Pernexas, it is now possible to experience native integration seamlessly through SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4 HANA with ease. Irrespective of the features made available to the customers such as CMS, the eventual intent is to ensure that the content is more secure and readily accessible.

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