Data Backup Solutions for Increased Security and Sustenance

Taashee Linux Services offers innovative data backup and recovery solutions to ensure that organizational productivity is maintained intact. The importance of data backup can never be undermined by businesses progressing with precise targets. Imagine a situation during which the data you have accumulated over the months, or even years for that matter has been lost suddenly. Perhaps, it will result in irreparable business losses because the advancements you have made with respect to clients’ projects are lost. Eventually, it will result in the ultimate loss of business leaving no scope for a revival any sooner. Backing up data involves a lot of engineering as technologies in this regard have evolved with age. Companies that have backed up their crucial data at regular intervals have been able to reap huge benefits reflecting the performance curve to a larger extent.

Enterprise-grade data recovery and backup solutions from Taashee are known to bring in a horde of benefits such as more security and increased sustenance. As we have partnered with reputed organizations across the world, we are able to integrate them to provide you with the desired results. For instance, the need for a hybrid cloud backup solution like Veeam Backup for AWS is in huge demand. It is common for organizations to switch to the cloud because of the availability of a plethora of services in terms of reliability, availability, resilience and more. By opting for the right data backup software tools in combination with the cloud technologies like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and more, it is possible to manage the backup needs of the organization with ease. The commonly available feature among all these sources for data backup is that they bring in innovative methods for not just backing up but organizing and segregating them as well.

Taashee understands about the varying data requirements of the clients being a reliable system integrator in the market for years. Hence, we have teamed up with the most happening technologies in the industry like Veeam, Acronis, Commvault, Rubrik and more. Image-level backup solutions like Acronis True Image have started making their way into the market. At the same time, the likes of Rubrik have started targeting enterprises at a strategic level that has resulted in invincible results. With the onset of all these technologies with renovated features, Taashee has been able to manage and provide systematic backup solutions at regular intervals saving more time and money for the customers. Veeam Backup for Windows and Linux workloads is considered a comprehensive solution available to ensure that organizations need not look for multiple service providers at the same time.

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