DevOps Services from Taashee for Enhanced Agility and Shortened Releases

DevSecOps has increasingly garnered focus in recent times with more importance laid upon software security in the DevOps implementation process. Almost every organization had to change their strategies with the recent impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across the IT fraternity. This has led to the increased focus on the Development and Operations teams as it is their coordination that helps in experiencing optimized results for organizations. Taashee Linux Services has got specialized teams who are capable of obtaining perfect coordination aimed to reduce the development life cycle to a maximum extent besides resolving the new challenges experienced while executing a project. 

Taashee Linux Services is known for the implementation of a comprehensive strategy that results in advanced DevOps services; be it Azure or AWS environments.

Azure DevOps Services

Taashee Azure DevOps methodology has been introduced in order to provide immense value to the customer through continuous integration and delivery. Over the years, we have articulated the craft of software development through people and processes and by bridging the gap between them with technology. With the timely intervention of our dedicated teams during crucial delivery processes, we ensure that the targets are met without resulting in unnecessary overheads.

AWS DevOps Services

Process Automation, Swift Release, and Task Management are some of the fundamental benefits achieved with the deployment of Taashee AWS DevOps solutions in an organization. Implementing modern DevOps practices in the AWS environment is something that is considered an ideal combination of services leading towards optimum benefits. Additionally, we provide in-depth insights resulting in instant evaluation of overall progress made. 

Benefits of Taashee DevOps Tools

Organizations looking for innovative implementation of DevOps solutions get to experience numerous benefits resulting in maximum efficiency.

Application Modernization

Making optimum use of the cloud in terms of storage, computing and backup could be made possible best with the modernizing of applications. Our Azure / AWS teams rely upon advanced DevOps tools to come up with agile apps that are fully optimized as per the clients’ environments.

Certified Developers

Taashee DevOps methodologies are in line with the varying customer needs as we have certified developers who got relevant expertise and skill set. As we keep ourselves in tandem with the rampant industry requirements, it results in meeting the client’s needs as desired.

Agile Development

By implementing the Agile software development life cycle into our mainstream functions, we are able to meet the expectations of our clients precisely. With the thorough consideration of all stages right from Initiation to Analysis, Development to Testing, and Deployment to Maintenance, we are able to take extreme care of product quality resulting in increased productivity for customers in the long run.  

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