Application Transformation Methodology in Organizations

Essential Steps for Application Transformation Methodology in Organizations.

Modern enterprises keep evaluating the best strategies and methodologies for transforming their mission-critical applications. As every organization progresses with a unique strategy, the way in which application transformation is implemented differs with the same magnitude.

Transforming essential applications by following a specific process flow such as the one below will be highly beneficial.

Application Portfolio Assessment

Every application depends mostly upon the workloads they carry. Hence, any transformation to be made should be taken into consideration by focusing upon the portfolios. Developers need to understand about the major portfolios to be excluded and the ones to be modified.

Taashee Cloud Suite makes cloud adoption easy by implementing to techno-rich concepts like Application Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization

Designing, implementing, deploying and maintaining are several stages of any application life cycle. However, it is not possible to execute any one of them in case the infrastructure is not in order. It is because of this fact that modernizing infrastructure is one of the critical executions as any organization ventures to transform their applications.

  • Upgrading the existing application with the latest features
  • Migrating on-premise or legacy applications to the cloud
  • Backing up all the important data to handle unforeseen situations

Stacking Infrastructure for Applications

Each application is designated to accomplish a unique task and that would be decided by the infrastructure stacks to a major extent. This is required to experience performance optimization without compromising with the quality standards.



  • Robust development of applications in the digital era
  • Adaptive framework with developer-centric features


  • Easier enterprise transition leveraging advanced features of the cloud
  • Virtual computing resources offering scalability, security and reliability

Investment Methodology

Maintaining the process of application transformation within your budget is best possible by enforcing a definitive methodology capable of controlling your investments. As legacy organizations have spent a lion’s share from their budget on applications already, it is the need of the hour to ensure a smoother transition in a cost-effective manner. Companies can opt for one or the other options mentioned below such as:

  • CapEx to OpEx
  • Smart ways of budgeting

Software Modernization

Taashee Linux Services implements advanced software management practices resulting in modernization and optimization without compromising with the quality. Agile methodology, when included in any project, highlights the grey areas that require a lot of improvisation and attention in order to achieve the business goals.

Some of the focus areas during the process of modernizing software are:

  • Continuous integration during the application transformation process
  • Assured delivery of cloud-native applications besides legacy ones
  • Identifying automation skills resulting in proper resource utilization

Application Transformation involves several such steps reflecting the goals to be reached streamlined by the business architecture. With the Agile delivery of solutions along with the implementation of business rules and execution of vital processes, it is possible to realize the desired transition without any issues. Taashee Linux Services helps businesses in overcoming complications with the above framework and methodology.

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