How do Organizations benefit with Taashee Offshore Development Center

Taashee concentrates upon the aspect of being a strategic partner for clients whose requirements range from a few projects (to begin with) to multiple projects on an ongoing basis. We have developed an Offshore Development Center (ODC) model involving dedicated teams specialized in latest technologies and advanced implementations with 24/7 support. This comprehensive approach of Taashee will meet the needs of all those business clients who are in need of a true outsourcing partnership. As a result, we are able to build cloud-native applications with a long-term support offered for the desired software development.

By implementing this ODC model for our clients, we are able to ensure long-term cost savings consistently instead of a one-time profit. We have our offshore technical team equipped with the best of the skills to assist and coordinate with the onshore teams to build high quality web and mobile applications. Given below are some of the scenarios where working with Taashee will be highly beneficial for businesses.

Modern organizations have a series of projects that need to be executed in partial or complete coordination with related fields. Practically, it is highly improbable for organizations with numerous tasks involved like Training, Onboarding, Executing and more for each project. Meanwhile, there are other organizations that have teams already but lacking in skill and exposure leading to the failure of qualitative results as desired. All these customer-centric scenarios lead them to approach and outsource their projects to Taashee. 

Why Taashee?

Having several years of experience of working on outsourced projects, Taashee chooses the right ODC model for organizations that best fits the customer requirements and reflects their current business needs.

  • Aligning you with your customers with a focused approach
  • Motivating all the stakeholders involved in the projects to work collaboratively
  • Utilizing the resources effectively for the timely completion of projects successfully

ODC Benefits with Taashee

Taashee is known to offer a wide range of benefits to its customers as part of the offshore development services.

  • Process alignments with onshore teams overcoming cultural differences
  • Updated infrastructure providing highest level of quality standards
  • CoE for Information Security with more focus on IP
  • Successful track record in using advanced technologies

We maintain top quality generating teams while still working on multiple projects at the same time. As a result, our focussed approach will make you like working with your own internal teams. In fact, our implementation of top project management methodologies will place your organization in the big league. The companies that plan to enhance the strength of their workforce will be able to reap rich benefits this way.

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