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What do you get in this Health Check?

Our typical JBoss EAP Health Check includes:

1. Configuration Review of your JBoss EAP environment

  • JBoss EAP standalone configuration review (e.g., custom config files, deployments, interfaces, ports, startup scripts, etc.)
  • JBoss EAP subsystem configuration review (e.g., logging, JVM, data sources, web connectors, thread pools, security domains, JMS, etc.)
  • JBoss EAP domain configuration review (hosts, server groups, servers, etc.)
  • JBoss EAP clustering configuration review (e.g. JGroups protocol stack, infinispan cache settings, mod_cluster, etc.)
  • Apache load balancing configuration review (e.g. mod_cluster, mod_jk, etc.)
  • Security hardening review (e.g. unused access points, clear-text passwords, use of SSL, etc.)
  • Usage of monitoring tools review (e.g. CLI, JConsole, JBoss Operations Network, etc.)

2. Definition of recommended changes and best practices to address drawbacks

3. Reviewing, finalising recommended changes and agreeing on remedial steps

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