Kickstart Your Career with Taashee Career Management Life Cycle

Taashee Career Management Life Cycle (CMLC) Program enables you to learn in-demand courses that are hot in the industry right now. Our course coordinators will help you in connecting with the chosen courses by explaining to you about Course Highlights, Market Demand, and, most importantly, Your Future. We ensure that you go through a smoother transition as long as you are with us right from the time of Course Enrollment to Career Guidance. All these processes have been properly organized to ensure a systematic workflow.

Taashee CMLC Program covers all the hot courses in the industry offering    nbb   an advantage to you so that you break into the big league at the earliest. We have world-class trainers at your discretion who are not just certified but well-versed with the in and out of the courses you plan to learn. During the course period, we expose you to hands-on training so that what our trainers imparted you during the learning session could be put into practice by you immediately. This way our students get to experience the best of both worlds. 

Full Stack Development

Learn how to develop web applications by enrolling for our Java Full Stack Development course. Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Make use of Web Design technologies and tools
  • Know about Database Development
  • Manage all servers (Application Servers/Web Servers)
  • Get mastery over XML technologies

Core Java

Know how to design applications with security and other features. Additionally, you realize the process of managing networks and databases.

  • Be familiar with all core features of Java 
  • Write Java code as per OOPS methodology
  • Design GUI applications and Applets with Swing
  • Develop Networking and Database Applications

Advanced Java

Get oriented with the advanced concepts of Java involving Beans, Servlets, Web Services and more displaying a sound understanding of all such vital concepts.

  • Learn about Collections (Sequential/Associative)
  • Implement Advanced Data Structures
  • Manage Java Applets and JSPs
  • Use Java Persistence API (JPA)

More Courses



React JS

  • Introduction & Installation
  • Overview with Architecture
  • Configurations & Data Sources
  • Introduction & Installation
  • Big Data and HDFS/MapReduce
  • Introduction to Hive
  • Flume, Sqoop and HBase
  • Introduction & Installation
  • ReactJS vs AngularJS
  • Fragments, CSS & Animation
  • Redux and Portals

We have our Course Coordinators in place who help you in finding the right job through our 100% Placement Assistance. For more details, please visit: or write to us at:

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