Latest Security Updates – Things You Need to Know

Microsoft Azure is considered on par with Amazon Web Services (AWS) because of the security and flexibility it offers. However, it has been recently reported by CyberArk (a cybersecurity organization) that a snag in Microsoft allows hackers to administer control upon numerous Azure accounts. At a time when there is stiff competition among three major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) – AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure, the new-found vulnerability is in stark contrast to its astounding growth rate. Though it is just a matter of time before a patch or resolution is provided by the global giant, it is high time that precautionary measures are taken to avoid such instances in future.

Flaw: Microsoft applications’ access mechanism related to OAuth at the time of third-party authentication paves way for hackers as the Azure accounts become vulnerable.

Coming to the performance, a news report from the research firm GigaOm comes as a blessing in disguise for Azure. Delving into detail about the report, it has been found that SQL Server runs faster on Microsoft Azure than any other CSP. The operational speed almost doubles when the server runs on Azure virtual machines. All the while, the entire computing world has been under the impression that there is no better alternative to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2); be it performance or speed. Though the technicalities make a strong statement related to performance, users worldwide need to radiate their focus upon the consistency offered as well.

Diversified services from AWS made the think tank at Microsoft come up with innovative features for the future. For this reason, Azure is seen upping its integrating strategy with other leading technologies. The biggest benefit for users is that they get mainstream services such as analytics, monitoring, and data backup as value additions for them. At a time when the computing fraternity is going gaga about AI and its capabilities, Microsoft Azure has already gone a step further with the introduction of a new feature termed Azure Cognitive Search. It sets a comprehensive platform for organizations in doing much more with their data. For instance, the process of structuring, organizing and updating data goes a sea change due to this makeover.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure Heroes are on a mission to reward the developer community with the provision of tokens that are non-fungible. It brings more transparency and authenticity to the cryptocurrency business, which has been mystic in nature by far. It comes as no surprise as Azure is a cloud empowered by the blockchain concept. Owing to such advanced capabilities, it is being explored for various other activities and requirements. The latest one to join the bandwagon is the launch of Aletheia, an auditing API aimed to develop a Health Nexus, which is the brainchild of SimplyVital Health (SVH), to reform the healthcare industry.

Overall, the efforts of Azure in introducing features for the next at the granular level are highly laudable, the vital features such as security and reliability are left exposed. Setting aside the instances of AWS or GCP, the innovations brought in by Azure must inculcate a sense of security at the same time.

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