Alfresco Process Services
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Alfresco Process Services (APS) | Power up your business with Alfresco’s BPM solution

Alfresco Process Services (APS) is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) suite that caters to businesses as well as developers. At its core, APS boasts of a high-performance open-source business process engine, which is based on Activiti and possesses the flexibility and scalability to efficiently handle a large number of critical business processes. Alfresco Process Services seamlessly integrates a powerful suite of end-user tools with a wide variety of enterprise…

Alfresco Governance Services
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Alfresco Governance Services – Information governance has never been simpler!

In a world that has become increasingly data-centric, Information Governance (IG) is indispensable for the management, usage, security, retention, and disposition of all business information. IG helps organizations meet today’s heavy compliance obligations, and it provides protection against data loss, reduces security risks, and prevents information overload—thus saving time, effort, and money. Alfresco Governance Services (AGS) brings an extraordinary combination of simplicity and control to IG with open, fully-integrated content…

Alfresco Content Management Services
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Alfresco Content Services | The most feature-heavy ECM in business

Alfresco Content Services (ACS) is the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system your organization should be eyeing if it prioritizes its content and wants to switch to a highly scalable, performance driven, and compliance-friendly model that provides 24×7 enterprise-grade support for all business-critical content. ACS is basically built around a repository with a support server that aggregates all kinds of metadata, text indices, associations, and other related content. Primary capabilities of…

Alfresco Software and Services
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Move over paper! Alfresco has arrived

Going paperless has been one of the major thrusts behind most companies’ interest in digital transformation. Paper in all its forms is not only detrimental to the environment, it takes up physical storage space, is susceptible to damage, is hard to keep track of, and is easily stolen or replicated. The problem is, content is here to stay. So, today’s workplaces need a content management solution that is user-friendly, scalable,…

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Taashee wins Top Partner India 2021 Award from Red Hat during APAC Partner Awards 2021

Posted on: October 8, 2021 Taashee Linux Services, the Hyderabad-based open-source technology behemoth, has won the Red Hat Top Partner India Award 2021 at the Red Hat APAC Partner Awards 2021. This is the second year in a row that Taashee has won the coveted award. It was a monumental feat on Taashee’s part because the competition was fierce from several other Red Hat partners from the Indian subcontinent. Red…

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Taashee Linux Services partners with RPA solutions provider Servicetrace to offer Application Performance Monitoring (APM) services

Taashee Linux Services and Servicetrace have forged a strategic alliance between them in order to serve customers with innovative RPA (Robotic Process Automation) services and solutions. With innovative features like lifecycle management and more to its credit, Servicetrace is expected to bring in increased value for businesses in the long run. Though organizations are getting used to the concept of RPA faster, the availability of XceleratorOne solution will prove to…