Every heart reciprocates with thousands of feelings…

…every brain resonates with thousands of thoughts! 

Taashee serves as the breeding ground of many such creative aspects…like every thread woven intricately to take the shape of a fine fabric…like every drop harvested carefully to reflect the serenity of a mighty ocean.

Every employee at Taashee finds a unique place in the company’s progress in the form of contributions; be it Sales, Technical, Marketing, Operations, Accounts or any other department.

TALENT is never lent

At Taashee, we firmly believe that TALENT is one attribute that is neither lent nor learnt. In fact, we believe that it is a flair. That’s why we create equal share of opportunities for all our employees to perform to their fullest.

Every second counts…!

We understand that every employee has got their own share of sorrows and negativities personally, which is why we create a HEALTHY work environment in Taashee. It is like HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

You are the Leader…!

There will never be a day at Taashee when you would feel like you are working under pressure. When you have 100% freedom available to work differently, you will feel like an owner each day at Taashee!



Welcome to Taashee, Please let us know if you need any assistance.