Taashee Linux Services has emerged as the most reliable destination for open source technology solutions and services. Ours is a robust framework of enterprise-grade partnerships with global technology firms and OEMs delivering custom-fit solutions with uncompromising quality. With the least Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) guaranteed to you, Taashee implements all the expertise and knowledge needed to provide open source software services.


Accusoft is a global solutions provider for customized document management for annotation, compression and conversion.


Alfresco is an Information Management company targeting the flow of data among various processes within an organization.


Ansible is the preferred technology for the automation, deployment, configuration, and provisioning of any modern IT environment.

Automation Anywhere

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AWS is a cloud computing service provider offering reliable and cost-effective cloud solutions over on-demand virtual platforms for increased efficiency and business continuity.

Bright Computing

Bright Computing is a software development company specializing in providing high-end solutions to manage clusters.


Cisco Systems provides networking software and hardware products along with an enviable range of service offerings widely prevalent in the Electronics sector.

Crafter Software

Crafter Software offers a sophisticated platform through DevContentOps to build, access, manage, organize, and optimize multi-channel digital media experiences.


DELL EMC offers state-of-the-art technological infrastructure for organizations helping them to build their digital future.

Dell EMC

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EDB is a database solutions provider offering software and services based on the open source enterprise database PostgreSQL.


Ephesoft is an intelligent content acquisition provider with solutions available on-prem or on cloud with flagship features like Advanced Capture and more.


Forcepoint is a global software organization specializing in human-centric cyber security offering a wide range of solutions such as web security, and data loss protection.

Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara offers premium data storage solutions customized as per the varying client requirements by focusing upon cloud computing and application transformation.


HPE is a global, edge-to-cloud PaaS company offering industry-leading enterprise servers, storage, and networking, aimed to transform your business.


Informatica is a global software solutioning company that offers Cloud Data Management and Data Integration services of enterprise grade.


Red Hat JBoss provides JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) to deliver enterprise-grade security and optimized application performance.


Lenovo is a global Fortune 500 company providing next-gen solutions and value-added services to organizations and end-users across the world.


Liferay is an open-source technology company specializing in enterprise portal development and intranet management offering personalized digital experiences to organizations across the world.


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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the cloud computing service from Microsoft enabling organizations to realize digital transformation.


MongoDB is the most preferred NoSQL database available for modernizing applications that plays a critical role during the cloud migration process.


MySQL is the world’s leading database management solutions provider for secure, resilient and innovative features taking care of any organization’s mission-critical applications.


Nagios Core offers an open source monitoring application that monitors servers, applications and infrastructure in an extensive way.


ITRS OP5 Monitor is one of the reliable monitoring tools that offers a complete monitoring solution that is known to offer increased flexibility and higher scalability.


Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform ensures automated installations, application upgrades, and lifecycle management through container stack.


Taashee’s Red Hat OpenStack solutions allow you to monitor and maintain the health of your cloud while still passing the day-to-day management to other users internally.


Qlik is the only end-to-end cloud data integration and data analytics solutions provider for modern business intelligence aimed at turning data into business value faster.

Red Hat

Red Hat specializes in offering enterprise open source solutions and managing servers & workstations for organizations across the world.


Rubrik is a software converged data management platform known to offer advanced features like Enterprise Data Monitoring & Backup, Cloud Data Management and more.


SUSE is an open source company specializing in enterprise-grade solutions with focus upon infrastructure management, storage, high performance computing (HPC) and more.


Tableau offers data visualization solutions to enable people view, understand and perceive data with an insightful perspective.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro is the industry leader in deep security and data analytics offering world-class solutions to customers and organizations across the globe.

Ui Path

UiPath is the leading RPA solutions provider enabling hyperautomation for organizations that want to get rid of repetitive tasks right from entry level to CXO.


Veeam Software is a backup, recovery, and intelligent data management software capable of providing modern data protection built for modern business challenges.


VMware is a cloud, mobility, networking, and security company excelling in cloud computing and virtualization services.