Alfresco is an Information Management company targeting the flow of data among various processes within an organization. Taashee Linux Services has partnered with Alfresco to offer Information Management Solutions allowing you to manage content from anywhere, connect information with users everywhere and deliver apps to any device. All these can now be obtained with a lot of other services and advanced features with Alfresco’s open and cloud-native ECM. Alfresco team at Taashee is capable of offering innovative content management solutions that connect, manage and protect your enterprise’s most important information irrespective of the location. Eventually, we would let you undergo amazing digital experiences at scale to tackle any content-related business challenges. Also, you get to overcome content governance chaos with automation and intelligence during the process.

Alfresco Open Source ECM Solutions

Rapid ROI Generation | Streamlined Internal Tasks | Business-Critical Process Management

Alfresco is the leading technology to secure, manage, update, and customize data with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. At Taashee Linux Services, our experienced Alfresco developers are specialized in designing custom applications that reflect an ideal Document Management System. 

Alfresco Development

At Taashee, we are specialized in developing custom workflows while creating applications. Our exclusive focus is upon custom forms development and custom data source creation. We have developed some of the most productive workflows and applications integrated with advanced Alfresco features.

Alfresco Consulting

Taashee maintains a dedicated team of Alfresco consultants leading towards integrated solutions for the customers meeting their business needs as per the industry standards. We provide Architecture, Design and Review of Alfresco solutions customized in an effective manner. Our methodology reflects managed cloud services that are deployable and manageable. 

Taashee Alfresco Consulting Offerings

  • Alfresco Website Development – Custom add-ons with Alfresco as a backend
  • Alfresco Document Management – Maximize content value with business process
  • Alfresco Platform Integration – Integrate with SAP / CRM apps & Liferay / JAVA API

Alfresco Migration

Our Alfresco experts migrate from one server to another guaranteeing secure content migration in a fully automated way. We give utmost preference to Content Migration, Data Migration, Document Migration and other such migration services by overcoming ongoing challenges. Eventually, it allows us to let you save more time and costs.

Alfresco Support & Maintenance 

Taashee’s Alfresco Support services provide immense value to your business. More specifically, they are tailored to your needs reflecting every aspect of your investment. Alfresco Maintenance services from Taashee ensure that your platform runs at an optimal level always.

More Alfresco Services

  • Alfresco Training
  • Alfresco SAP Integration
  • Alfresco Record Management
  • Alfresco Mobile Implementation
  • Alfresco eCommerce Integration

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Taashee Linux Services specializes in developing customized Content / Document Management solutions like API Development for deeper analytics.

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