NICE DCV is a high-performance remote display protocol from AWS. It lets you securely deliver remote desktops and application streaming from any cloud or data center to any device, over varying network conditions. By using NICE DCV with Amazon EC2, you can run graphics-intensive applications remotely on Amazon EC2 instances. You can then stream the results to more modest client machines, which eliminates the need for expensive dedicated workstations. NICE DCV provides unprecedented performance with all major CAD, CAE, Petro-technical, research, medical and scientific visualization applications.

So, are you looking for a high-end 3D performance for your engineers and researchers at work? How do you ensure quality support externally to CAE/CAD professionals and your remote workforce? Do you need to save costs by sharing and consolidating your GPU and CPU power?  How do you satisfy all kinds of needs of HPC users and administrators? Taashee Linux Services is an AWS Consulting & Technology Partner capable of providing the best results to you reflecting today’s 3D VDI and HPC environments.


NICE DCV harnesses 3D technology to enable engineers and scientists to take full advantage of server-side high-end graphic cards with faster I/O performance and large memory nodes.

NICE EnginFrame – HPC Portal is an advanced HPC Portal for the technical computing domain, with a proven track record of successful production deployments within corporate networks and research environments.

Why NICE DCV from Taashee?

Taashee Linux Services maintains a dedicated AWS team for implementations and support related to NICE DCV. It is a remote 3D technology enabling Technical Computing users seamless remote access to 2D/3D interactive VDI desktops on-premises and in the cloud – for CAE/CAD, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Research, Scientific and other application areas – at an attractive pricing.

NICE DCV has been adopted by diverse industry verticals.


DCC & Rendering


Medical Imaging

Geo Sciences

Reservoir Simulation


Engineering Simulation


Remote Desktop & App Streaming


Collaborative Sessions

NICE DCV technology is implemented across popular Application Streaming services like Amazon AppStream 2.0 for the secure delivery of desktop applications to any computer enabling users to pay only for the instance time.

  • Centrally manage applications
  • Scale without infrastructure
  • Secure applications and data
  • Integrate with IT

Remember that the digital economy requires a virtualized approach powered by a remote VDI network that is scalable, performance-optimized and can securely manage productivity along with reliability and speed.

This is where NICE DCV makes a huge difference to you.

At Taashee, we offer professional solutions and architectures for today’s Remote 3D VDI and HPC environments and NICE Software customers.

Key Features of NICE DCV

What’s NEW?

NICE DCV comes with an exciting range of features updated on a regular basis:

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