Alfresco is an Information Management company targeting the flow of data among various processes within an organization. Taashee Linux Services has partnered with Alfresco to offer Information Management Solutions allowing you to manage content from anywhere, connect information with users everywhere and deliver apps to any device. All these can now be obtained with a lot of other services and advanced features with Alfresco’s open and cloud-native ECM. Alfresco team at Taashee is capable of offering innovative content management solutions that connect, manage and protect your enterprise’s most important information irrespective of the location. Eventually, we would let you undergo amazing digital experiences at scale to tackle any content-related business challenges. Also, you get to overcome content governance chaos with automation and intelligence during the process.

Press Release: Taashee joins Bright  Partner program to bring Clustered Infrastructure Management to Indian customer base

Moving HPC workloads to the cloud requires organizations to maintain the accuracy and efficiency levels intact. Taashee in coordination with Bright Computing brings you one of the top cloud computing solutions available offering advanced features included with flexible system management.

Bright Cluster Manager for HPC

Bright Cluster Manager for HPC workloads serves as the one-stop solution regarding the relevant software required for the management of HPC clusters easily and securely.

Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science

Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science extends the features of Bright Cluster Manager for data science. Organizations can now get all the data in Hadoop or Spark through any learning tools to assess the same.

Bright OpenStack

Bright OpenStack consists of a proven cluster management methodology implemented across industries with a certified OpenStack distribution resulting in the effective deployment, monitoring, and management of private clouds.

Implementing Cluster Management at The University of Siegen

The implementation of cluster management at the University of Siegen through Bright Computing has proved to be so beneficial for them that the usage has been doubled. More specifically, the year 2018 has been a defining one for the HPC industry to say the least. As per the latest report published in Hyperion Research, Bright HPC has achieved a consistent growth rate of 15% so far.

Get the power of Bright Cluster Manager with Taashee

Taashee’s Bright Computing solutions offer you advanced features such as enterprise cloud integration and customizable dashboards in its latest 9.0 version. During the Super Computing 19 (SC 19) event, the enhanced version of Bright Cluster Manager was introduced, having been available for HPC besides OpenStack and Data Science. Exploring premium data management capabilities integrated with the cloud is possible because of this. Larger jobs would be accomplished effectively and with ease because of this new-found enhancement.

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