Crafter Software is an award winning Web Content Management solutions provider offering a sophisticated platform through DevContentOps to build, access, manage, organize, and optimize multi-channel digital media experiences through its comprehensive range of tools, solutions and services.

Taashee, as a Crafter Software Consulting and SI Partner, provides premium consulting services for the successful implementation, effective integration, and instant deployment of enterprise Crafter solutions for customers. Rely upon Crafter Cloud solutions for a virtualized content management experience throughout.

Taashee Linux Services partners with Crafter Software to accelerate your business growth with powerful enterprise Web Content Management solutions leading towards a personalized business experience.

Why Taashee?

Our software developers at Taashee are known to customize your applications with a range of Content Authoring and Production tools available from Crafter Software resulting in a rich and user-friendly content.

Building Personalized Web Content and Managing Mobile & Social Media Platforms

Content Generation

Taashee’s Crafter team offers Content Authoring and Production Tools for business users to generate rich and user-friendly content.

Content Personalization

We drive optimum engagement for customers through Crafter solutions allowing content marketers to personalize the content created.

Content Optimization

Our team of Crafter experts ensures that customers are engaged actively across multiple digital channels for an optimized end-user experience.

Taashee Linux Services in combination with Crafter Software specializes in the creation of user-friendly content across websites. Managing content besides creating is a different task altogether. Taashee’s team of developers are capable of creating advanced content solutions customized according to the latest requirements.

Why Taashee?

Here’s what Taashee can do best for you when it comes to creating content besides managing, organizing, customizing, and maintaining it.

Plan Your Crafter CMS Strategy

Our dedicated team of Crafter Software developers are actively involved in providing a successful content strategy along with advisory, consulting, and information architecture services. Optimize your digital experience by creating, customizing, and delivering WCM solutions across multiple channels.

Execute Your Crafter CMS Solutions

Our global delivery model with advanced Crafter CMS capabilities results in providing cost-effective solutions for a personalized digital experience. We offer ample support by helping you to make crafter a part of your Marketing, CRM, Analytics and other departments.

Migrate Your Content to Crafter CMS

We, at Taashee, assist you to migrate your existing content from any platform including Drupal, OpenText, Adobe, and Oracle to Crafter with valuable solutions implemented seamlessly. Our expertise in implementing solutions with Crafter tools prove to be handy for customers.

Deploy Your Crafter CMS Capabilities

Taashee meets your varying business needs by providing valuable deployment solutions supported by Crafter. Manage your content strategy successfully with advanced production tools. Enterprise grade authoring features are provided in Crafter with customization.