EDB is a database solutions provider offering software and services based on the open source enterprise database PostgreSQL. Taashee Linux Services is an EDB Certified Training Partner and Distributor specialized in high-end database solutions ensuring increased business resiliency. We have a team of dedicated Postgres professionals who are known to offer end-to-end solutions to our customers related to Database Consulting, Database Migration, Database Training and more with respect to PostgreSQL.

Why Partner with Taashee?

Taashee as a company provides entire infrastructure solutions and services to its customers and ‘database servers’ are one of the most important parameter of any IT Infrastructure because majority of the applications run on servers are directly or indirectly dependent on the database Servers.

Taashee’s expertise in EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL

Postgres Plus Advanced Server: The fastest, most scalable, highly secure edition of PostgreSQL available, with Oracle compatibility!

Postgres Enterprise Manager: Postgres Plus pre-built packages for enterprise database management.

The Cloud Database: All the benefits of cloud computing in an enterprise-class database: “cloudified” PostgreSQL such as

  • Vertical and horizontal elasticity
  • Transparent scaling
  • Automated HA & failover
  • Automated backups
  • Automated cloning


Taashee Linux Services provides advanced PostgreSQL services through EnterpriseDB APS with optimum security and high reliability. Our database administrators bring in several years of experience with respect to PostgreSQL training and implementation.

Our EDB PostgreSQL Solutions

Taashee Linux Services’ EDB Team possesses near-decade experience in the implementation of personalized PostgreSQL solutions to customers resulting in increased value delivery. We cater to customers from a diverse range of industry segments ranging from Healthcare to Manufacturing.

Customized EDB Services

Taashee’s EDB specialists are best known for implementing latest solutions through packages customized for your organization. For instance, our expertise in ensuring top-notch services for your organizational security and reliability such as Architectural Health Check or Database Migration Assessment will result in 100% growth with security.

Enterprise Database Architecture

Planning the overall database architecture for any organization is a task cutover. However, the database experts at Taashee are well versed with PostgreSQL features that results in providing a complete range of services as part of our EnterpriseDB APS program.

Consulting Services

Taashee EDB professionals have been associated with production database systems for years. As a result, we are capable of offering world class consulting services resulting in scalability and consistency. Additionally, we play a crucial role by providing custom consultancy services highlighting the exact requirements of clients in an effective manner.

DR Planning

EnterpriseDB experts at Taashee display the highest levels of accuracy and 100% efficiency when it comes to disaster recovery. Perhaps, we have implemented several successful backup strategies in the past striking a perfect balance in the entire organization guaranteeing features such as High Availability as well.

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Case Study

This case study deals with the successful results obtained by Taashee’s EDB team related to the major issues experienced by the client due to the lack of proper diagnosis of hardware, operating system, middleware and applications.

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