Ephesoft is an intelligent content acquisition provider with solutions available on-prem or on cloud. Ephesoft’s flagship feature of Advanced Capture ensures companies improve productivity, enhance mobility, and adapt to varying business scenarios with automated data extraction and sorting processes. With the ready availability of mission-critical and business-centric information whenever needed, customers get to experience faster processing than legacy systems. Taashee Linux Services is an Ephesoft Consulting Partner (SI) helping businesses to run efficiently by classifying, sorting and extracting data.

Document Management & Process Automation with Ephesoft

Integrates well with CRM and ECM

Ephesoft is the preferred tool to extract and capture data in documents besides syncing ideally with ERP, CRM and various such other tools.

Maintains Optimum Cost Efficiency

Ephesoft Transact helps you in experiencing optimum affordability by bidding adieu to traditional processes such as manual data entry and sorting.

Improves Business Processes and Workflows

Ephesoft is the industry standard software for customers looking for optimized workflows. It results in increased productivity and better Compliance.

Allows Instant Access Anytime Needed

With Ephesoft, it is possible to extract data in a customized way. Also, experience data classification and data sorting required anywhere and anytime.

Ephesoft Consulting

Taashee excels in Document Capturing Services for enterprises by partnering with Ephesoft. We help our clients in converting unstructured content into actionable information through Ephesoft’s enterprise content capture solutions. Improving workflows and marginalizing errors are some of the benefits available besides others such as efficiency and reliability.

Taashee engineers implement Ephesoft for all document-related services. As Ephesoft specializes in providing smart solutions for document capture, Taashee has emerged as the ideal destination for the implementation of quintessential services offered as mentioned below.

  • Data Extraction,
  • Form Processing,
  • Document Separation,
  • Document Classification and more.

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