Forcepoint is a global software organization specializing in human-centric cybersecurity offering a wide range of solutions such as web security, and data loss protection. Taashee Linux Services is a Forcepoint Reseller Partner providing customized solutions related to web security, data loss protection, email security, data analysis, behavior analytics and more. Our computer security team has come together to join hands with Forcepoint forming a strong partnership to provide integrated security solutions in terms of web, email and data. Backed by real-time intelligence, Taashee along with Forcepoint makes a huge difference to organizations with an intuitive understanding about human tendencies and behaviors.

Forcepoint Solutions from Taashee

Taashee provides a wide range of Cloud, Security, and Data solutions by associating with Forcepoint.

Data Security

Identifies dubious activities on your computer with complete visualization. Additionally, it notifies about the potential risks based upon the human activities. We, at Taashee, let you have granular control upon your data security resulting in optimized performance throughout. Our solutions are easy to implement and readily adoptable.

  • Active Analytics
  • Automated Compliance
  • Real-time Alerting
  • Unified Platform

Cloud Protection

Provides optimum cloud security for data centers. Maintains optimum fault tolerance by managing the infrastructure and resources of an organization extremely well. Taashee Linux Services possesses a detailed understanding of common industry threats with respect to information security and data protection.

  • Uniform Protection
  • Backup & Restoration
  • Threat Identification
  • Deployment Flexibility

Our Forcepoint Expertise

Web Security

Real-time threat defence

Email Security

Multi-staged advanced threat protection


Accidental data loss protection


Critical data/IP loss prevention

The Taashee Advantage

Taashee Linux Services along with Forcepoint takes utmost care in securing your data online. By safeguarding your critical data and IPs, our cybersecurity experts bring a level of increased confidence layer to you resulting in effective data protection. Instead of offering an All-in-One solution that might increase your data security complexities, Taashee focuses upon offering issue-based solutions for a unique way of beating data thefts and security breaches.