Lenovo is a global Fortune 500 company providing next-gen solutions and value-added services to organizations and end-users across the world. The company specializes in consumer goods, commercial products and enterprise technologies. Taashee Linux Services is a Lenovo Reseller Partner offering innovative services reflecting it’s complete portfolio involving PCs, workstations, servers, storage devices, besides tablets and other applications. We have been designated exclusively to deal with a wide range of Lenovo products like computers, notebooks, laptops, monitors and more. With the recent declaration of OEM agreement of Lenovo with Nutanix, we have extended our services further covering virtualization solutions for modern data centers.

Lenovo Business Solutions from Taashee

Taashee assures you of running business uninterruptedly through the unique Lenovo advantage to you leading towards increased organizational productivity along with digital transformation.


2-in-1 Convertible Laptops

Designed for Small Enterprises

Tiny Desktops

Save BIG with Small Machines

Workstation Computers

Creatively Configured for Best Results

PC Products

Powerful Features with All-in-One Solutions

Our dedicated team of Lenovo products and solutions perform a detailed assessment upon your environment to know better about your requirements. Taashee guarantees on-demand support for all Lenovo products offering you an edge in the competitive marketplace.


Taashee is the preferred implementation partner for all Lenovo products. We have garnered industry-wide experience during the process leading towards increased customer loyalty.

Our Server Portofolio

We have been an active partner of Lenovo for several years now, especially on the Server side. Our Lenovo team handles:

  • Configurations
  • Implementations
  • Support

Our Network Specialization

Get the latest hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions from Taashee leading towards increased flexibility in managing different types of networks.

  • Network Design
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring & Support

Our Storage Expertise

At Taashee, we specialize in software defined storage management reflecting all types of modern storage mechanisms.

  • On-site storage
  • Off-site storage
  • Backup & DR