Microsoft Azure is the cloud computing service from Microsoft enabling organizations to realize digital transformation. Taashee Linux Services is the Microsoft Azure Reseller Partner offering a wide gamut of services related to Computing, Analytics, Storage, and Networking. Our cloud experts ensure that you achieve digital transformation so that you change the way you serve your clients.The development of innovative products and provision of value-based services backed by cloud-based models are redefining customer liaisons, which result in positive experiences.

At Taashee, our cloud computing framework instills the ‘Dynamism’ factor resulting in a comprehensive methodology of task execution each time. Hatching ideas right from the incubation stage to implementation stage is what we focus upon.

Taashee Microsoft Azure Consulting

  • Compute
  • Analyze
  • Store
  • Network

All in the Cloud

Taashee brings you the advantage of Microsoft Azure Cloud as an agile platform allowing companies to introduce advanced services and valuable features with the cost-cutting advantage. Considering the fact that Azure has set a new dimension by allowing professionals in designing and developing new products and applications, it results in optimum value for all the devices available in the network.

Taashee develops a unique architecture for its clients allowing them to adopt Azure’s hyper-scale public cloud. We assist companies to realize enterprise-grade capability across Public, Private, and Hybrid clouds. We install and implement Microsoft products reflecting directly upon the client’s environment. Some of our cloud computing solutions include:

Microsoft Azure Services from Taashee

Data Analytics

Database Migration

SharePoint Migration


Red Hat on Azure

Microsoft Azure and Red Hat coming together helps customers go the extra mile for sure because of the enhanced performance with which the tasks could be completed. Taashee plays the role of significance for you in this context. Our dedicated team of Azure specialists combine Red Hat and Microsoft Azure to bring you the ‘best out of the best’. Cloud experts at Taashee Linux Services are completely in line with the latest updates from Microsoft and Red Hat.

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