Nagios Core is the industry standard for IT infrastructure monitoring. The open source monitoring application monitors servers, applications and infrastructure in an extensive way. Taashee Linux Services is an Authorized Reseller of Nagios implementing the concept of Infrastructure Monitoring in an effective manner. Taashee Linux Services is a specialist monitoring services provider capable of resolving your IT problems with powerful infrastructure monitoring tools. Our team of experts ensure that you know how we offer security by monitoring your Systems, Networks and Infrastructure in a comprehensive manner. At Taashee, we specialize in providing IT infrastructure monitoring services with Nagios products and tools as part of managing mission-critical IT applications.

  • Servers Monitoring
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Networks Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring


Our Nagios experts offer robust monitoring solutions for overseeing multiple platforms and devices within IT structures. Organizations looking for a monitor-all product with a simple setup, exact configuration, minimal maintenance – all at a low cost benefit with Nagios solutions rely upon Taashee.

With Nagios, Taashee helps businesses to run one consolidated monitoring system that exemplifies speed and effectiveness. Nagios notifies system administrators quickly. Moreover, it monitors multiple-points-of-failures for a single application, which allows administrators to resolve acute issues before they become critical.

Without powerful monitoring, unforeseen system failures can damage organizations’ bottom line. Nagios ensures that systems, applications, servers, and business processes function properly. If a failure occurs, administrators are alerted quickly and repairs are performed promptly. This efficiency guarantees staff and customers’ experiences are unaffected.

Nagios - Benefits and Features

Valuable benefits and powerful features make Nagios a top choice for open source monitoring.


Nagios is the top choice for open source monitoring, which provides the following benefits:

  • One-stop monitoring for entire IT infrastructures (applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics and infrastructure components)
  •  Easy integration with in-house and third-party applications
  • Help for IT departments to identify necessary infrastructure upgrades before failures occur
  • Safeguards that minimize IT technical issues impact on service
  • Catalyst for quick response by technicians


Nagios monitoring includes:

  • Web interface for status monitoring (excellent for stakeholders)
  • Automated select fixes
  • Automated restart of failed applications and services
  • User-specific views (ensures staff only sees their infrastructure components)
  • Scales to monitor thousands of nodes
  • Failover mode to guarantee non-stop monitoring of critical IT infrastructure components

The Taashee Advantage

Taashee’s expert technicians know the ins and outs of Nagios. Our technicians will configure Nagios to monitor your critical IT infrastructure components, including system metrics, network protocols, applications, services, servers, and network infrastructure.

Taashee technicians will set up Nagios to either send alerts or custom scripts to system technicians via email or SMS depending upon your needs. In addition, Taashee technicians will configure a higher-level set of alerts to deliver to your executives if first-run alerts are not acknowledged promptly.


Taashee offers training for Nagios users. For example, Nagios generates reports detailing outages, events, notifications, and alert responses. These reports help ensure effectiveness, and training helps staff gain more from these reports.

Custom Plugins Development

Taashee technicians are authorities on third-party add-ons for Nagios. Hundreds of highly-developed add-ons are available to support and extend functionality. For example, trending and capacity planning add-ons identify outdated components in an IT infrastructure.

24/7 NOC Monitoring

Leave the monitoring to the experts at Taashee. Having several years of experience, we run our own network operations center. With knowledgeable staff on duty 24 hours per day/seven days per week, your IT infrastructure will be in safe hands.


Taashee has partnered with Nagios to provide the customized monitoring services by making use of a wide range of tools and products. Given below is an overview of Nagios products with which we serve clients better.

Nagios XI

The Most Powerful IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution for Enterprises

Taashee empowers organizations with advanced Nagios XI infrastructure solutions to implement enterprise-scale solutions. Exceptional services based upon integrated web configuration interface with multi-tenant capabilities make managing and monitoring configuration easy.

Nagios Log Server

The Centralized Log Collection and Analysis Platform

The Nagios Team at Taashee is well aware of all the features of Nagios Log Server due to which high availability is possible. As a result, organizations get to benefit with additional features as well such as Setup Wizards, Extendible Architecture, Quick Search and more.

Nagios Network Analyzer

A Network Flow Analysis Tool for Security Threats & More

Taashee’s Nagios experts are fully aware of every aspect of network analysis. By preferring the services and solutions with the installation of an advanced tool like Network Analyzer, it is possible to avoid security threats, manage network traffic and send instant alerts.

Nagios Fusion

A High-Level Dashboard for Multiple Instances of Nagios Core & Nagios XI

Nagios experts at Taashee are well aware of the key features of Nagios Fusion with a centralized viewpoint managed for all servers. It allows clients to realize de-centralized management, which offers equal access to all servers besides maintaining scalability and connectivity.

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