Red Hat specializes in offering enterprise open source solutions and into cloud computing besides resource provisioning and network virtualization. Taashee Linux Services is a Red Hat Premier Business Partner, which lets you make custom use of industry-standard hardware into reliable resources.

OpenStack On-Demand Resource Governance

Taashee’s Red Hat OpenStack team allows you to monitor and maintain the health of your cloud while still passing the day-to-day management to other users internally. Moreover, the users willing to offer the control to other users so that they manage their own environment and consume resources only on demand too is possible through our solutions.

Scale Your Cloud UP & DOWN to Meet Your Organizational Demands

Red Hat OpenStack Solutions from Taashee

Taashee Linux Services offers advanced Red Hat OpenShift solutions allowing you to manage containerized, virtualized, and bare metal applications across public, private and hybrid clouds. Our services related to Managed Hosting besides other services powered by Security and Compliance are top-notch in the industry.


Get scalable block storage or automated object storage for guaranteed performance of any application on the cloud.


Red Hat OpenStack solutions enable you to build your own cloud OpenStack datacenter with minimized risks and reduced costs.


Secure your data and revert instantly to the last recovery point through Red Hat OpenStack Backup solutions from Taashee.


Rely more upon Compute Network and Storage with containers instead of Deploy, Design, and Deliver with virtual machines.


Modern suite of OpenStack solutions from Taashee Linux Services are based upon years of hard work and careful observation of the latest industry trends. Resource management through containers is one of our USPs through Red Hat OpenStack offering you more benefits.

Application Development

Propel your existing work environments by adding new features and reduce the go-to-market time easily and effectively.

Resource Provisioning

Bid adieu to the conventional procedures of raising tickets and resolving issues. Now, you can scale your resources up and down as per the need.

Network Virtualization

Get the best out of your NFVs by providing them the advantage of OpenStack resulting in automation, agility and more.

Partner Level


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Case Study

This case study is for a reputed client from the banking sector. Know how engineers at Taashee resolved the issue by working upon multiple stages right from Server Migration to Application Configuration.

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