SUSE is an open source company specializing in enterprise-grade solutions with focus upon infrastructure management, storage, high performance computing (HPC) and more. Taashee Linux Services is a SUSE Reseller Partner offering quintessential solutions for customers looking for Multi-Cloud Architecture and High Availability besides Enterprise Linux. We excel in Application Containerization and Platform Management resulting in reduced development cycles and faster go-to market.

Taashee Linux Services and SUSE have come together resulting in a strategic partnership to provide a plethora of services to the customers. Our Consulting Team has its eventual focus upon managing Linux and Cloud infrastructures effectively.

At Taashee, we offer dedicated support to our clients with custom implementations through SUSE Enterprise Manager platform.

SUSE Expertise @ Taashee

SUSE Enterprise Linux

We have expertise in managing SAP applications and High Performance Computing resources using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

SUSE Infrastructure Management

Taashee’s partnership with SUSE results in better management of IT infrastructure and computing resources to make efficient use of SUSE Manager and SUSE Studio.

The Taashee Advantage

Experienced infrastructure engineers at Taashee Linux Services are well versed of SUSE features and capabilities because of which we are able to offer highly effective services accordingly. Some of our SUSE powered services are as mentioned below.

  • Delivering highly secure Linux cloud infrastructure environment for modern IT firms
  • Addressing your business needs with SUSE OpenStack building IaaS private clouds

Partner Level


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