Trend Micro is the industry leader in deep security and data analytics offering world-class solutions to customers and organizations across the globe. Taashee Linux Services is a Trend Micro Reseller Partner offering numerous services of value customized as per the varying requirements of the clients.

Taashee’s Expertise in Trend Micro Products & Solutions

Trend Micro Endpoint Application Control

Our infrastructure engineers ensure that your applications are safe without getting affected by ransomware and other such issues.

Trend Point Vulnerability Protection

Taashee’s team helps you experience a safer digital transformation process with complete protection from virus and malware threats.

Trend Micro Control Manager

Taashee’s team of Trend Micro experts offer you a one-stop solution with a centralized user management console.

Trend Micro iDLP

Our infrastructure team ensures that you obtain an Integrated Data Loss Protection (iDLP) resulting in increased data quality.

Taashee Linux Services has built a strategic partnership with Trend Micro to provide enterprise-grade security solutions optimized and capacitated for your business needs. By associating with a global leader like Trend Micro specializing in server security, we have been able to expand our reach for customers looking forward to premium services in this regard.

Our consulting team consisting of skilled professionals and engineers are known to keep our customers ahead of their times by managing business landscapes and reshaping IT infrastructures entirely.

Trend Micro Enterprise Security Solutions @ Taashee

Taashee excels in the provision of custom security solutions of enterprise-grade in association with Trend Micro. Some of our services are as detailed below.

Cloud and Virtualization

The effects of cloud computing have been immense with respect to IT security. Our implementations of Trend Micro solutions result in closing those security gaps, which have long been causing severe issues in terms of organizational productivity and business continuity.

Advanced Cybersecurity

With Trend Micro, it is possible to address issues related to cyber threats and attacks such as malware. Our infrastructure engineers are well-versed with latest CloudForms and other technologies delivering high value to you as per the requirement.

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