UiPath is the leading RPA solutions provider enabling hyperautomation for organizations that want to get rid of repetitive tasks right from entry level to CXO. Robotic Process Automation or RPA is now regarded to be the lifeline for organizations in completing tasks meaningfully. UiPath reflects upon the fact that RPA has, indeed, emerged to be vital on par with AI, ML and DL. Taashee Linux Services is an UiPath Reseller Partner known to improve business resiliency through automation in these times of COVID- 19 as well. UiPath has been able to achieve the targets as every business likes to achieve Digital Transformation with, the role of RPA becoming even more significant.

UiPath is the Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for RPA

Why UiPath from Taashee?

Taashee is the preferred UiPath Implementation Partner across APJ with the inclusion of numerous customized features based upon the customer’s business.

Back to Recovery

UiPath possesses all the technology required with respect to automation ensuring that the employees are back to work safely in the post pandemic era.

Global Impact

UiPath solutions offered by the Taashee team works best irrespective of the geographical locations, be it APJ or A/NZ domains.

Easy to Integrate

At Taashee, we recommend using UiPath because of its numerous benefits. For instance, it can be readily integrated with AWS for cloud management and Box for storage management.

Taashee’s UiPath offers maximum assurance with respect to modern-day RPA solutions related to the implementation, scaling, and database features.

Our Expertise in UiPath

UiPath team at Taashee is well versed with the latest developments in the RPA domain. We offer dedicated services and customized solutions with UiPath products in the backdrop leading towards increased business productivity.

UiPath Process Mining

Taashee helps organizations in the faster completion of business tasks without compromising with the efficiency levels. Through the advanced feature of Process Mining from UiPath, we are able to:

  • Perform simplified process analysis
  • Scale automation with enhanced efficiency

UiPath Execution Monitoring

At Taashee, we have dedicated UiPath experts who excel in the execution of monitoring the time of each workflow in detail. We implement UiPath Orchestrator to resolve the issues of monitoring leading towards:

  • Successful tracking of activities on task
  • Effective management of repetitive jobs