Veeam Software is a backup, recovery, and intelligent data management software capable of providing modern data protection built for modern business challenges. Taashee Linux Services is a ProPartner Platinum Reseller for Veeam providing valuable services to the clients.  Stabilizing the organizational data with backups and replication whenever needed the most is what Taashee specializes in. We have a dedicated Veeam consulting team who are capable of architecturing your production environment to ensure timely backups and replications at regular intervals. Taashee has emerged as the ideal implementation partner for organizations looking for Veeam Availability Suite as a one-stop solution for all their Backup, Recovery and Replication needs.

Why Taashee for Veeam?

Taashee Linux Services is a Veeam No 1 South Asia Pro Partner Award winner best known for stabilization and security of data, applications and servers of organizations with Backup and Replication services offered by Veeam. We have a dedicated team of engineers who are capable of providing a complete suite of V10 solutions from Veeam such as Availability, Backup, and Replication aimed at large, medium and small businesses.

Managing Always-On Enterprise with Veeam

1-Click Restore

End-to-End Encryption

Instant VM Recovery

Complete Visibility

The Taashee Implementation Suite of Veeam Capabilities

Veeam engineers at Taashee are capable of providing customized services with respect to Workload Management, Monitoring Solutions, Backup and Disaster Recovery. We ensure that the concept of Always-On enterprise is perfectly implemented through our dedicated focus upon Veeam capabilities.

Workload Management

Taashee ensures that the organization’s workloads are perfectly maintained and well balanced through effective management. Our Veeam engineers are capable of handling multiple platforms and operating systems as per the client requirements. Carrying out various tasks such as the ones mentioned below will result in:

  • Disaster Recovery at high speeds with Veeam Availability Suite
  • Scheduled Backups for Microsoft Office 365 with Veeam Backup

Cloud Services

Our technical expertise in implementing Veeam cloud services are top-notch. In fact, Taashee has achieved the rare distinction of maintaining highest levels of uptime with 24×7 availability. We ensure that hosted VMs are provided as part of our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) concept.

  • We manage hosted applications through Veeam’s VCSP program
  • We provide Veeam Business Services for ecommerce and other domains.

Backup & Replication Services

Taashee specializes in providing fastest backup and recovery services besides replication through Veeam suite. Perhaps, we ensure that the fully-integrated backup solutions are made available. The implementation of 1-click failover as part of our Disaster Recovery is absolutely top-class.

Taashee has the privilege of completing Veeam projects for its reputed clients worldwide. Our capability in dealing with the multiple environments in contrast such as VMware and Hyper-V has been absolutely top-notch so far. Veeam engineers at Taashee successfully resolve the issues faced by customers through flagship features like Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.

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Taashee deals with contrasting multiple environments with the provision of Data Recovery, Backup, High Availability and more solutions.

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