VMware is a cloud, mobility, networking, and security company excelling in cloud computing and virtualization services. Taashee Linux Services is the preferred VMware Professional Solution Provider Partner offering world-class services as part of virtual infrastructure management. Our expertise in designing and implementing innovative virtualized solutions for small businesses deliver value and result in business continuity. Every organization looks forward to moving to the cloud because of several reasons such as cost efficiency, higher productivity, increased collaboration and proper resource management.

Taashee Linux Services offers a diverse range of “desktop to data center” solutions from VMware leading the virtualization industry from the front. At Taashee, we understand the demands of organizations for VMware products involving various sizes of customers. However, at the same time, it is important to deliver the best possible solutions to the customers without shifting focus from the core of Virtualization and Cloud.

Your Preferred Partner for VMware Implementation, Consulting & Support

Our Areas of VMware Expertise

Some of the areas where in we deal with our customers with respect to VMware product line are:

  • Datacenter
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Desktop End-User Computing
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


Taashee has the reputation of forming strategic partnerships  with organizations from both public and private sectors because of its efficiency and quality of work. We are specialized in VMware Implementation, VMware Consulting, and VMware Support.

Taashee displays in-depth knowledge in VMware suite of products and services


Business Assessment

Our engineers perform a preliminary assessment of your production environment in detail along with your existing IT infrastructure to get a precise overview of your requirements and preferences. We enable you to switch to VMware technology with virtual servers custom-configured to meet your business demands.

Solution Implementation

We provide a suitable business solution through which you could achieve digital transformation and maintain business productivity. Our consulting team ensures that you get the right design and exact architecture from our development team.

24/7 Support

Our engineers implement the business plan as per your current organizational needs. We offer powerful cloud-managed IT solutions customized from VMware tools with a proven strategy. VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) from Taashee are equipped with the latest technology updates offering you an edge in the competitive marketplace.

VMware Consulting @ Taashee

Taashee’s VMware Consulting team specializes in the creation and maintenance of a premium VMware virtualized environment. Our consultants are VMware-certified who are capable of offering you complete advantage and absolute control upon your business through virtualized solutions.


Our VMware team provides detailed architecture to be implemented for your virtual machine infrastructure. Some of the benefits you experience during the process are scalability, optimization and software-defined data storage.


Taashee’s cloud experts implement advanced virtualization solutions by creating a complete cloud computing environment matching your business needs. We enable security as well for your mission critical business applications.


On-prem to cloud migrations from Taashee guarantee you optimum business transformation. Additionally, our VMware experts ensure that you experience increased cost efficiency with a consistent approach.


We implement the latest VMware technology by installing software, products and tools wherever needed. Our maintenance of your business environment involves carrying out regular health checks for increased security.

Partner Level


Virtualize your business infrastructure through our customized VMware solutions. Contact us at

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Case Study

Taashee Linux Services with its team of VMware engineers installed Horizon 7 to obtain enhanced security, and centralized control apart from scalability.

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