WSO2 is an enterprise-level open source solutions provider focusing on API Management offering solutions related to Enterprise Integration of ESB and Identity Management services. It offers integration services of applications, APIs and web services for reliable performance with increased security. Taashee Linux Services is a Value Added Reseller Partner for WSO2 focusing upon open source solutioning with Application Management and other features like API Management & Identity Management to deliver faster and lower risks.

WSO2 API Management & Identity Management

Taashee Linux Services forms a strategic alliance with WSO2 with digital business emerging as one of the crucial segments for any organization’s expansion. As part of the partnership strategy, Taashee explores the technical advancements of WSO2 with respect to API integrations and more to offer solutions to the end users and organizations accordingly.


API Management

Enterprise Integration

Identity Management

Taashee’s WSO2 team is capable of exploring the API-first integration services through a simplified approach recommended by WSO2. Multiple businesses in contrast related to Healthcare, BFSI, and Manufacturing have been on the lookout for the optimization of their business capabilities through such services. Taashee would like to give an edge to such an organization in the competitive marketplace by aligning with WSO2 for all their technicalities.

Why Taashee for WSO2 Solutions?

Dynamic API Management

Value-driven solutions with API integration to the clients


WSO2 API Server Management

Full-fledged CIAM  integration at enterprise level

Taashee works extensively with their customers by managing their applications at various levels

  • Architecture
  • Redesign
  • Migration
  • Modernization

Taashee specializes in WSO2 API Gateway management to be crucial in transforming applications that would be operational in a full-fledged form. Leveraging such features by empowering clients’ applications through a secured API gateway like that of WSO2 is what we focus upon.