PGconf Day 2017: The Action Plan and Agenda of Taashee Linux Services

Taashee Linux Services is the platinum sponsor for Indian leg of PGconf Day to be organized in Bengaluru. The two-day conference will be held on March 2-3, 2017 attended by who’s who from the industry. The Database team from Taashee Linux Services would be delivering important information through its key speakers representing the organization, which will include an official presentation on Database Optimization. The presentation covers all the topics and issues related to the aspect of optimizing database as per the organization’s needs.

What is PGconf Day ?

PGconf is the ultimate platform organized to grow the PostgreSQL community across the world. Numerous conferences are held across the world such as PGconf India 2017 , PGconf US 2017 and so on where database professionals from regional firms and emerging organizations participate to discuss various issues at length.

PGconf Day – A Day for Introductions | Presentations | Knowledge Sessions

PostgreSQL experts focus upon a lot of concepts concurrently such as Database Optimization, Database Maintenance, Data Backup, Database Security, and Database Recovery in order to ensure that the organizations receive best support and utilize the available infrastructure to an optimum extent.


Technology firms consider it as a unique opportunity by registering for PGconf Day during which they organize their schedule properly with the beginning of an official introduction. It includes the achievements of the concerned organizations with respect to PostgreSQL implementation and the issues resolved during the process. A brief overview about the company will be given as to let the attendees know about the platforms the organization deals principally with. Database professionals showcase their efforts in the form of Case Studies and presenting Whitepapers.


Database professionals specializing in PostgreSQL take it as a chance to share their experiences with other experts. The unique problem solving skills are depicted during this session in an interesting manner. Speakers prepare content in the form of few slides reflecting the major issues experienced by the organizations in the industry. Practical representations are provided for the same as it will result in complete understanding with quicker grasp over all the concepts.

Knowledge Sessions

These in-depth sessions are aimed at PostgreSQL professionals who would like to make optimum use of the features of database technology domain. PGconf 2017 serves as an interactive platform for the attendees to resolve their issues with respect to various database concepts. The conference focuses upon complex aspects such as optimizing database security, which is one of the topics chosen by database experts at Taashee.

How to Optimize Database

Database optimization will help in improving organizational productivity without incurring additional costs. The focus will be upon systematic resource utilization that will ensure faster database performance.
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