PGConf India 2020: Key Takeaways from the Biggest PostgreSQL Event

PGConf India 2020 is the most anticipated event by database developers and administrators. Organized annually in Bengaluru, the high-profile event is led from the front by EnterpriseDB, which is also one of the platinum sponsors besides 2ndQuadrant. It serves as an ideal platform to learn the latest features and concepts of PostgreSQL, collaborate with other Postgres developers to write scripts and more. After the delivery of the keynote, the Training session will begin that focus on several aspects. The PostgreSQL Tutorial for Beginners is aimed at orienting emerging DBAs, database professionals and students to learn about the language with respect to Oracle, MySQL and other proprietary databases.

Apart from Training being offered as a key takeaway, there are a few others that have already been lined up for the mainstream database event.

Postgres Application Development

Numerous datatypes are supported in Postgres being open source and JSON is just one among them. As it is evident that faster operations have already been streamlined through JSONB with the 9.4 version through binary representation. Having an edge with unstructured data with a relational approach is the beauty of Postgres that makes it embraceable by the major chunk of the database fraternity. With JSON, the common Postgres operations like Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations are easily accessed. Advanced concepts are dealt with in PG12 such as Full-Text Search.

Database Engine Development in Postgres

Testing the fault tolerance level of popular relational database services such as Amazon Aurora is popular in Postgres. It basically requires fault injection queries to be included as SQL commands. Eventually, it is aimed to resolve SQL injection threats at the application level. Perhaps, the entire framework was discussed during the PGCon event in Ottawa. There is a significant contribution from EnterpriseDB with a focus laid upon various levels of the event right from Training to Administration. Additionally, the entire transactional process would be discussed in detail using essential features such as Foreign Data Wrapper.

Case Studies: The Right Approach to Real-time Issues

PGConf India 2020 would radiate ample focus on other issues that were resolved successfully in real-time scenarios. For instance, the attendees would get crucial insights into the PostgreSQL instances on the cloud along with the aspect of customizing them as per the organizational needs with respect to database management. Also, it is possible to stream data at a granular level as part of building real-time analytics. Postgres supports the creation of a complete database altogether ideal for situations such as visualizing the relational database as a stream of Kafka events that are structured.

Latest Trends in Postgres Database Administration

Any PGCon event would be incomplete without the inclusion of the database administration concept. A total overhaul is necessary when it comes to understanding Postgres from the ground level. Numerous concepts that are both fundamental and advanced in nature would come up for discussion. A few of them to be concerned about are backup, sharding, indexing, locking, optimizing and more. A database lifecycle of events during PGConf India 2020 starting from Training to Development would be highly beneficial for database developers, administrators and students as well.

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