FINNOVITI 2022 Conference

Tableau-partner Taashee attends the FINNOVITI 2022 Conference

Taashee Linux Services, a partner of Tableau, attended the FINNOVITI 2022 Conference based around the agenda of “Innovate to Accelerate” in the BFSI industry, at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on 5th May, 2022. The conference was organized by Banking Frontiers to recognize innovations in the BFSI industry and honour the innovators. To this end, CEOs, CXOs and leaders of the BFSI sector from all over the world converged in Mumbai to participate in the event.

Our CTO and MD, Mr. Abhishek Datt presented his views at the conference regarding Tableau and its applications in the BFSI sector.

According to Mr. Datt, “The challenges facing the BFSI industry are multiplying in the wake of the global pandemic that has shaken the economy and accelerated a shift in customer expectations for digital-first, streamlined, and personalized relationships with their financial services providers, be it in banking or insurance.”

Mr. Abhi Datt (CTO & MD, Taashee Linux Services) addressing the audience at the FINNOVITI 2022 Conference
Mr. Abhi Datt (CTO & MD, Taashee Linux Services) addressing the audience at the FINNOVITI 2022 Conference

But is it possible for data to provide the answer to the industry’s evolving needs? Can brilliant digital customer experience live side by side with increased regulation? If you have to rethink risk, how can you bring your whole organisation with you?

Mr. Datt seemed hopeful that a thriving Data Culture could address these issues.

“It’s more important than ever for companies in this sector to see and understand the data at their fingertips in order to solve problems, innovate, and remain competitive. Leaders need to disrupt the status quo and build a Data Culture that permeates the entire business. Leveraging data and implementing a self-service analytics tool can accelerate time to insight, build competitive advantages and resilience, and personalize customer interactions. But it doesn’t stop there. It also unlocks crucial opportunities for growth. Our experience with some of the world’s leading Financial Services businesses suggests all this is possible and that the answer lies in what you do with the data you collect.”

We were thrilled to host with many of our peers from the BFSI industry at the Tableau Taashee stall

Tableau and its partner Taashee, has been helping financial services companies harness the power of data by implementing the following:

  • Automation and a Single Source of Truth
  • Unifying Siloed Data
  • A Proactive Approach to Fraud
  • A real time view of the entire business
  • Free flow of facts and insights through the organisation

Curious about how Tableau can propel your establishment towards a comprehensive Data Culture?
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