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What is ProConnect™?

ProConnect™ is an API-based centralized Cloud Provisioning Platform (CPP) that helps you manage most of the cloud-based services using a unified platform.

Integrate any of the latest ITSM tools with ProConnect™ to automate the secure image deployment in AWS and Azure​.

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How it works

Originally designed for AWS and Azure, ProConnect consists of various module suites which contain a set of APIs to deal with Instance Type Classification, Instance Creation, Instance AMI Fetching, and a host of other functions.

These module suites are used for Provisioning and can be integrated with any of the available ITSM tools via an API Gateway and Controller. It also has an integrated Email Notification API with the module suites which can be used for sending notifications informing Approvers of User actions and vice-versa. Tying it all together is a dedicated RDP (for Windows) or SSH-compatible (for Linux) dashboard feature for each class of participants so that all actions and services relevant to a particular participant can be easily accessed in one comprehensive and secure pageview.

ProConnect Workflow

Why ProConnect™?

Centralized Management of Cloud Requests

More and more applications are becoming less successful due to siloed data and skills shortages abound.

Enhance Self-Service and Simplicity

Security and governance challenges, outdated infrastructure, inability to change the process, tools, and systems.

Improvement of Productivity & Process

Self Service requests accessed by IT Infra, Developers, engineers, and business users can lead to a reduction in TAT from days to a few minutes.

Fully Integrate with the Current ITSM Tool

A combination of API-led connectivity and automation can deliver better employee and customer experiences.

Better Control and Standardization

ProConnect™ guarantees that the provisioned cloud resources adhere to the best guidelines from a security and performance standpoint.

Cost Reduction & Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce operational costs, decrease the time for the completion & manage resources effectively.

Benefits of Secure Image

Benefits of Secure Image Deployment

Build, secure, and keep Virtual Machine Images up-to-date with no manual steps for updating an image​.

Images with only essential components, reduce your exposure to security vulnerabilities; along with automatic patch and custom security policies to meet applicable internal compliance criteria​.

Enable Information Security and IT teams to enforce better policies and compliance of images​.

Client Testimonial

I would like to thank you (Taashee) once again for your willing disposition and cooperative attitude, looking forward to working with you and your company again.
prem mohan ram
Prem Mohan Ram
Head of IT, Bank ABC (Bahrain)

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