Rubrik implements Multi-Cloud Data Control and introduces the First Data Management SaaS Platform

Handling data backup issues across multiple locations is one of the major challenges that most organizations face these days. Rubrik offers an effective solution when it comes to multiple data backup locations. The approach Multi-Cloud Data Control from the instant application availability expert ensures enhanced security with data consistency maintained across all the backup locations with ease. More specifically, an increasing number of customers are getting to know that Cloud Data Management is not the same anymore that was once. The backup technologies have advanced so far that instant access is now made available with numerous customized features such as mobile applications management and protection policies automation.

Rubrik R&D Center offers Cloud Data Management solutions for global enterprises

Rubrik backup solutions prove to be the game-changers for SMEs in large numbers. Data is the quintessential entity without which it is impossible for organizations to survive in today’s competitive world. Every business has got their own data backup plans in place. In fact, organizations have traversed almost the entire world starting their journey from the conventional tape drives to the now-predominant clouds. Data backup and data security are not the only aspects that matter data compliance matters the most. As for Rubrik, the global major is on a rapid expansion plan with a proposed investment of $50 million in a span of five years.

“Rubrik is already 30% ahead of its investment plan when put all together,” said Bipul Sinha, Cofounder and CEO, of Rubrik. It comes as no surprise, especially, when Rubrik has launched its own Software as a Service (SaaS) model – Rubrik Polaris – which is aimed to take control of the data management applications through a central dashboard. This move in particular has generated optimum interest among MNCs such as CISCO and Microsoft. The importance of Data Backup and Recovery (DBR) could be determined by going through such instances wherein the top-rung companies too look forward to a formidable partner in this regard.

Taashee Linux Services – Customized Cloud Data Management Solutions Provider with Rubrik

Making improvements to the current business performance smartly is one of the crucial requirements. Perhaps, future-proof data will play a defining role in representing any organization as per the varying trends in the IT field. Taashee Linux Services, a Distributor and Reseller Partner for Rubrik, understand this aspect from a closer perspective. Given below are the valuable solutions it offers to customers looking for an efficient yet cost-effective means of data protection in the cloud for their workloads.

Schedule a Consultation

Most organizations are not sure about the approach they need to take when it comes to securing and backing up their data. This is exactly where Taashee matters the most. By scheduling a consultation at a predetermined time, a team of experienced Rubrik consultants would be working on the customer pain points cited in the Consultation Form to provide the most reasonable solution in the shortest time possible.

Whether moving from legacy to new-age for secure application performance (or) looking for a cost-effective solution by moving from on-prem to cloud, Taashee’s Rubrik team of cloud engineers would be able to offer the best possible solutions always.

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