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Taashee specializes in providing comprehensive consultation and support services for Alfresco, a leading open-source content management system (CMS) and document management platform. Alfresco empowers organizations to effectively manage, organize, and collaborate on their digital content, enhancing productivity and streamlining business processes. Partnering with Taashee for Alfresco consultation and support enables you to leverage this robust content management platform effectively. Our expertise ensures a seamless Alfresco implementation, optimal performance, and ongoing support, enabling you to streamline your document management processes, improve collaboration, and drive business growth.

Easy solutions for all difficult IT problems, keep your business safe & ensure high availability.

Scalability and Flexibility

Alfresco's architecture allows for easy scalability, accommodating your organization's growing content management needs.

Enhanced Collaboration

Alfresco enables secure document sharing and collaboration, fostering teamwork and improving productivity across your organization.

Document Management and Version Control

Alfresco ensures centralized storage, easy retrieval, and version control of documents, reducing errors and ensuring data consistency.

Compliance and Security

Alfresco offers robust security features, access controls, and audit trails, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and protecting sensitive information.

Workflow Automation

With custom workflows, Alfresco streamlines your business processes, automating repetitive tasks and improving efficiency.

Cost Savings

Being an open-source solution, Alfresco eliminates expensive licensing fees, providing cost savings while delivering powerful content management capabilities.

Services We Offer

Customization and Workflow Development

Our team can customize Alfresco to align with your unique business processes and develop custom workflows.

User Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training programs to help your team effectively utilize Alfresco's features and ongoing support to address any queries or issues.

Alfresco Installation and Configuration

We ensure a smooth setup of Alfresco tailored to your organization's requirements and infrastructure.

Content Migration

We assist in migrating your existing content to Alfresco, ensuring data integrity and minimal disruption to your operations.

Integration with Other Systems

We integrate Alfresco seamlessly with your existing IT ecosystem, such as CRM or ERP systems, for efficient data exchange and collaboration.

Performance Optimization

Our experts optimize the performance of Alfresco, ensuring fast response times and efficient resource utilization.
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Customer Success Story

Power Grid Corporation 1024
Learn how Taashee used Alfresco DMS and implemented a customized dashboard for managing vendors to solve Power Grid Corporation's document management challenges.
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About the Client

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited is a state-owned utilities company. Regarded as one of the world’s largest transmission companies, Power Grid has its headquarters located in Gurugram, India. Its vision is to make inroads into emerging power markets ensuring power safety and affordability to the masses.


In this project, Power Grid Corporation of India, a state-owned enterprise in the power sector needed an end-to-end solution for myriad document management issues as well as vendor management. At Taashee, our engineers took complete advantage of the Alfresco Document Management System (DMS) and implemented a customized dashboard for managing vendors to solve the client’s challenges.

Client Testimonial

We are highly impressed with Taashee’s technological expertise and work ethics. We wish Taashee all the best for future endeavours.
Sudha Pande
Power Grid Corporation of India

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