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Transforming Applications for the Digital Age with Taashee's Expertise

Taashee provides comprehensive solutions for Application Transformation, with a focus on cloud-native application development and modernization. Our expert team of developers and engineers collaborate with you to create a seamless digital experience by integrating data with applications. By aligning with your business goals, we help drive cost savings and faster implementation times, delivering an innovative application portfolio.

Application Transformation Methodology

We improve business processes, decisions, and modernize systems to achieve organizational goals.

Modern enterprise technology stack is highly robust in nature because of which it is usual for clients to face operational challenges. We maintain a team of dedicated developers and engineers who understand the pain points of customers by working closely with them. Our initiatives improve the quality of executing business processes, implementing crucial decisions, and, above all, modernizing mission-critical systems to achieve the goals of the organization.

By relying upon our Application Transformation approach, enterprises would be able to:

  • Resolve their IT complexities
  • Adapt to newer technologies swiftly
  • Overcome business challenges thrown by competitors
  • Ensure data compliance and security for enhanced business growth


We model your current applications on the basis of modifications required through APIs, Micro services, and more.


We create and deploy low-code applications so that you emerge with swift business strategies as per the current market trends.


We ensure all your cloud migrations are within your budget by following a cost-effective migration process.


We explore the possibilities of enriching your front-line applications with our flagship optimization methodology.

Stages of Application Transformation


Stages of Application Transformation


Stages of Application Transformation


Stages of Application Transformation


Stages of Application Transformation


Stages of Application Transformation

Application Transformation Methodology in Organizations

Essential Steps for Application Transformation Methodology in Organizations.

Modern enterprises keep evaluating the best strategies and methodologies for transforming their mission-critical applications. As every organization progresses with a unique strategy, the way in which application transformation is implemented differs by the same magnitude.

Transforming essential applications by following a specific process flow such as the one below will be highly beneficial.

Every application depends mostly upon the workloads they carry. Hence, any transformation to be made should be taken into consideration by focusing on the portfolios. Developers need to understand about the major portfolios to be excluded and the ones to be modified.

Designing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining are several stages of any application life cycle. However, it is not possible to execute any one of them in case the infrastructure is not in order. It is because of this fact that modernizing infrastructure is one of the critical executions as any organization ventures to transform its applications.

Upgrading the existing application with the latest features Migrating on-premise or legacy applications to the cloud Backing up all the important data to handle unforeseen situations.

Maintaining the process of application transformation within your budget is best possible by enforcing a definitive methodology capable of controlling your investments. As legacy organizations have spent a lion’s share from their budget on applications already, it is the need of the hour to ensure a smoother transition in a cost-effective manner. Companies can opt for one or the other options mentioned below such as:

• CapEx to OpEx
• Smart ways of budgeting

Agile methodology, when included in any project, highlights the grey areas that require a lot of improvisation and attention in order to achieve the business goals.

Some of the focus areas during the process of modernizing software are:

  • Continuous integration during the application transformation process
  • Assured delivery of cloud-native applications besides legacy ones
  • Identifying automation skills resulting in proper resource utilization

Stacking Infrastructure for Applications

Each application is designated to accomplish a unique task and that would be decided by the infrastructure stacks to a major extent. This is required to experience performance optimization without compromising quality standards.


* Robust development of applications in the digital era

* Adaptive framework with developer-centric features


* Easier enterprise transition leveraging advanced features of the cloud

* Virtual computing resources offering scalability, security, and reliability
Renovate Your Applications to – Deliver Value | Increase Business | Withstand Competition

Today’s organizations require a dynamic mindset to migrate their on-premise applications to the cloud. Taashee’s Application Transformation Suite reflects the entire application development life cycle starting from Planning to Implementation. We radiate absolute focus upon every stage resulting in the development of high-end applications modeled on advanced technological features. There are numerous reasons why transforming applications has become quintessential for your business. 

 Firstly, you can mitigate the risks of developing applications. Secondly, you can initiate a quicker way of application delivery by reducing risks. There are additional reasons as well that will make you consider the timely transformation of applications such as speeding up software innovation, cloud-native security, and more.

Application Management with Orchestration

Manage and orchestrate your applications for maximum performance and reduced overheads.

Managing modern applications requires a wide nexus of feature management with a holistic approach to technology integration. Any application would be able to perform at its best when coordinated well with all the internal processes. Perhaps, all this requires timely complementation of key services among themselves.

Key Steps to Application Orchestration for Consistent Performance


Determine what makes an application valuable

Applications deliver a lot of value on the transactional end. By understanding what is required and what is produced, it is possible to bring the much-needed change for the users eventually.

Identify potential roadblocks while accessing applications

Often, some applications might create a wide gap when it comes to their performance and doesn’t reflect their performance in actuality. Taashee’s ITDevOps team is capable in expelling roadblocks, which results in the smooth functioning of the application like never before.

Integrate applications for process automation

Better performance could be obtained with application integration involving two or more of them. Crucial processes taking more time could be automated because of this. Also, it is possible to achieve real-time data synchronization. Developers often resort to orchestration APIs allowing them to save more time and money.

Container orchestration for applications on microservices

Flexible management of containers by automating, deploying, scaling and managing will avoid cumbersome processes like provisioning and managing servers. AWS Fargate offers extended ease with no requirement of paying upfront in this regard.

Manage your applications with 100% control and consistency

Orchestrating applications requires a lot of planning and architecture during the development stages. However, there are several benefits obtained later such as exercising complete supremacy upon the applications in terms of performance and management. Those organizations where consistency matters without downtime, container orchestration plays a prominent role.

Customer Success Story

Taashee implemented JBoss EAP for a banking client, resulting in a 90% reduction in memory leaks, a 35% increase in memory pool usage, and a 40% decrease in downtime
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About the Client

Our client is one of the leading banks in the Persian Gulf, which is listed in Bahrain Bourse as well. Founded in January 17, 1980, the Manama-headquartered bank grew its total assets up to US$ 29.4 billion as of 2014. It provides global financial services through its wide range of products such as Commercial Banking, Corporate Finance, and Retail Banking. Currently, the bank is on a rapid expansion process in MENA and Asia.


Taashee provided complete JBoss EAP services with a 360-degree approach to one of our reputed clients from the banking sector. Our team of experienced JBoss engineers took care of the client requirements, covering multiple stages, right from Server Migration and Application Monitoring to Network Administration and Application Configuration. Throughout the implementation process, our engineers took complete care of client issues with respect to Security, Backup, HA & DR, Reliability, and Scalability

Why Choose Taashee for Application Management Solutions?

Optimized Reliability with Automated Maintenance

Improved reliability, agility and redundancy through automation and flexible maintenance.

Client-focused and Cooperative Methodology

A customer-focused, collaborative strategy designed to reduce risk and enhance agility across various business industries.

Efficient Software Maintenance and Hosting

Increased efficiency through cost and time savings in software maintenance and hosting in the public cloud versus on premise.
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