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Taashee's Application Transformation Ecosystem

Taashee enables organizations to undergo Application Transformation by implementing an ecosystem comprising several features such as cloud-native application development, application modernization, deployment, and more. We empower your business with a swifter integration of data with applications you build resulting in increased value for the customers. Create an enterprising digital experience with a unique range of products and services through us. Our team of application developers and engineers offer you valuable insights into your application journeys through consulting. Eventually, you can build your existing portfolio in a customer-centric way. All these innovative implementations will lead in reduced costs and faster implementations reflecting the core ideology of your business.

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Application Transformation for Business Continuity is no more an option, it’s a MUST

Digital technologies play a pivotal role in delivering end user experience through constant innovation coupled with improved efficiency and uncompromising quality. Legacy applications are now making the much-needed transition with the marketplace becoming more agile and data-bound.

At Taashee, we ensure legacy organizations transform completely by modernizing their applications and empowering them with advanced technological capabilities like IoT, ML and AI.

Application Transformation Methodology

Modern enterprise technology stack is highly robust in nature because of which it is usual for clients to face operational challenges. Taashee Linux Services maintains a team of dedicated developers and engineers who understand the pain points of customers by working closely with them. Our initiatives improve the quality of executing business processes, implementing crucial decisions, and, above all, modernizing mission-critical systems to achieve goals of the organization.

By relying upon Taashee’s Application Transformation approach, enterprises would be able to:

  • Resolve their IT complexities
  • Adapt to newer technologies swiftly
  • Overcome business challenges thrown by competitors
  • Ensure data compliance and security for enhanced business growth


We ensure all your cloud migrations are within your budget as we rely upon a proven methodology by following a cost-effective migration process.


We model your current applications on the basis of modifications required through APIs, Micro services, and more.


We create and deploy low-code applications so that you emerge with swift business strategies as per the current market trends.


We explore the possibilities of enriching your front line applications with our flagship optimization methodology.

Renovate Your Applications to – Deliver Value | Increase Business | Withstand Competition

Today’s organizations require a dynamic mindset to migrate their on-premise applications to the cloud. Taashee’s Application Transformation Suite reflects the entire application development life cycle starting from Planning to Implementation. We radiate absolute focus upon every stage resulting in the development of high-end applications modeled on advanced technological features. There are numerous reasons why transforming applications has become quintessential for your business. Firstly, you can mitigate the risks of developing applications. Secondly, you can initiate a quicker way of application delivery by reducing risks. There are additional reasons as well that will make you consider timely transformation of applications such as speeding up software innovation, cloud native security and more.

Application Management with Orchestration

Manage and orchestrate your applications for maximum performance and reduced overheads.

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Stages of Application Transformation for Business Excellence

application transformation
application transformation

Learn how our customers achieve Application Transformation with us

Taashee’s vast industry presence has helped customers from contrasting domains to increase business productivity by transforming applications. We have customized applications from contrasting domains right from Energy to Telecommunications.

Internal Workflow Management for a Utilities Company

Our team of application developers and technology analysts transformed the process in which key tasks are executed in the Utilities company. Learn how we developed a comprehensive application with advanced features like Vendor Management, File Revision, Document Storage, Report Tracking and many more.

Video Conferencing Solutions for an ICT Systems Aggregator

We have offered a highly advanced broadband solution for the large customer base of a reputed telecommunications company. Know about the transformation we have brought in with the integration of innovative concepts like Video Conferencing and Telepresence.

More Solutions on Application Transformation from Taashee

Workflow Process Management for an Engineering & Manufacturing company

Taashee’s Application Development team has met the quintessential requirement of one of its prestigious customers with the creation of a process management application. It has benefited their staff engaged in crucial jobs who were primarily relying upon manual processes for executing tasks.

Compliance Management achieved for a major Telecommunications company

Taashee’s team has developed a robust application that comes in handy for telecom regulators on the one hand and ISPs on the other. It creates transparent levels of communication with continuous monitoring of service standards. It is a stand-alone application capable of performing multiple functions like monitoring and assessing besides implementing standards.

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